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February 7th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

I am not a big fan of holding giveaways on my sites. They are just too much work. Besides, there are always better ways to drive traffic to a site. But giveaways do work. Many successful businesses rely on them to offer their audience freebies and get their products in front of more people.

Holding a contest on your website does not have to be super difficult. You just need to keep track of entries, make sure your contest goes live and stops on time, pick a winner, and take on many other tasks. These 5 giveaway plugins and tools help you handle these tasks easier:


Rafflecopter: one of the best tools for running giveaways on any website. We use it all the time to handle our giveaways. It lets you define prizes, add your own rules, and even use its T&C template to go live faster. [click to continue…]


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January 20th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around. It has millions of active users contributing to it on a daily basis. The site can bring your business a ton of free traffic. You need to have a real Facebook strategy to succeed though. At the very least, you should add Facebook buttons and Like boxes to your website. The Facebook Likebox Slider can also help. It is a social slider plugin that allows you to promote your social media profiles professionally.

facebook slider [click to continue…]


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December 30th in Social Media by .

Rich Pins have been around for some time now. In fact, Pinterest has expanded them recently. Rich pins make your products, articles, and other content more useful. Pinterest already provides some documentation for this feature. Here are 3 ways you can implement rich pins on your website:

open graph

NextGEN Facebook Open Graph+: implements Open Graph, Rich Pins, and Twitter Cards for your website. The plugin also supports e-commerce sites. [click to continue…]


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December 18th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Twitter is one of the most popular online communities around. It can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website if you produce great content and promote your content the right way. Most bloggers have added Twitter buttons to their websites. Here are just a few more ways to use WordPress plugins to get more tweets and retweets:

tweet blender

Display your tweets on your site: one of the best ways to get more tweets is by showing your visitors that you are active on Twitter and contributing to that community all the time. Tweet Blender is a simple plugin that shows tweets by you and your team. [click to continue…]


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November 18th in Social Media, Wordpress Tips by .

The world of SEO is changing all the time. Google has made serious improvements to its algorithm in the past few months. If your business is not active on top social networking sites, you are going to have a very difficult time getting your brand in front of more people, building relationships, and driving more traffic to your site. Did you know that you can embed your social media updates and others’ posts on your website? Here are a few ways you can embed Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Vine, LinkedIn, and Pinterest content into your WordPress site:

Embedding Google+ posts

embed google+

Google+ is one of my favorite social networks. It has improved a lot over the past couple of years. Google now allows its users to embed Google+ posts in their site. Just find the post you like, choose Embed Post, and copy the appropriate code snippet to your site. [click to continue…]


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October 13th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Vine has been around for some time. Many businesses are using Vine videos creatively to connect with their audience. You can find all kinds Vines these days, some of which you may want to embed in your posts. These 3 Vine plugins for WordPress make the process easy:

vine embed

Vine Embed: makes embedding Vine videos on your site easy. Just add the Vine links to your site, and you are set. To use the postcard type, you will need to use the “embed” shortcode though. [click to continue…]


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