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August 11th in Social Media by .

Google+ is still alive and going strong unlike what many so-called “experts” have been suggesting in the past few months. The site can drive a ton of traffic to your website, but you need to work hard to earn more visitors. Adding great content to your website is great but not all you need to worry about. Here are 16 ways you can get more Google+ shares and +1s and improve your presence in that community:

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Use social lockers: have premium content that you don’t want to give away for free? You could always ask for a Google+ share to unlock premium content for your visitors. [click to continue…]


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August 9th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Buffer happens to be a wonderful tool for scheduling and posting your content on social media sites. It also provides you with analytics, so you can see how well your posts are doing. Adding your posts to Buffer is pretty easy. But these 3 tools make it even easier:


WP to Buffer: sends pages, posts, and custom post types to Buffer. You can update Buffer on publish or update. The plugin gives you control over how your content is published. [click to continue…]


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August 4th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Facebook is the king of social networks. You may not be a fan of how Facebook does business, but the site can drive a ton of traffic to yours if you play your cards right. You need great content and an even better Facebook strategy to gain more fans on the site. Adding a Facebook fan-gate to your website is a more aggressive way of getting more followers on Facebook. Not everyone is going to like that approach though. These 5 fan gate plugins allow you to test this idea on your site:

social locker

Social Locker: one of the best social lockers available for WordPress. It is highly customizable and supports various social networks, including Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. [click to continue…]


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July 27th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Google+ may not get as much love from the media as Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest. But it is more than capable of driving lots of traffic to your website. You just need to be active in the community and have a solid strategy to succeed. Participating in Google+ Hangouts, adding interactive posts to your site, and sharing your Google+ photos on your site are just a few ways to get your Google+ profile more attention. Whether you want to import G+ content into WordPress, add Google+ comments, or promote Hangouts, these 7 Google+ plugins have you covered:


Comments Evolved: adds multiple commenting systems to your website. It supports Facebook, WordPress, Disqus, and Google+ comments. [click to continue…]


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June 27th in Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Mashable happens to be one of my favorite sites but not for the reason you might think. Sure, the content is great, but you can get similar coverage on other sites. One can learn a lot from Mashable by studying how it approach social media marketing, content production, and article promotion. Many of our readers are simply fascinated with Mashable’s social sharing buttons. We have already covered this a number of times in the past. But if you need to add Mashable-like share buttons to your site, you should give Mashshare Share Buttons a look.

mashshare [click to continue…]


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February 27th in Social Media by .

Google+ is one of the most underrated social networks around. I have been active on it since its early days and simply can’t get enough of it. Businesses certainly should not ignore Google+ and its top features such as Hangouts. Hangout events make it easier for businesses to connect with their audience, promote their brand, and provide more value to customers. If you are already taking advantage of Google+ to grow your business, you can use these plugins to integrate Hangouts with WordPress:


Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events: makes it easier to promote Google+ Hangouts on your website. You will be able to display events in posts/pages via a shortcode or a widget. [click to continue…]


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February 23rd in Plugin Lists, Social Media, Wordpress Plugins by .

Pinterest is one of the most exciting social networks around. There are many good reasons to be involved in that community. The best one is traffic. That’s right. You can get a ton of traffic from Pinterest but you need to have a strategy and understand what people are looking to see on that site. Here are 11 ways you can make your website Pinterest-friendly and give your posts a better chance of getting re/pinned:


Add attractive and relevant images to your posts: this is a no brainer. You have probably seen how this works on Pinterest. So how do you prepare images for each post fast? Tools such as PicMonkey and Fotor can save you a great deal of time with that.


Get the timing part right: when you post and how often you post to Pinterest matter. If you are sharing your stories to your own boards regularly, make sure you get this part right (image via).  [click to continue…]


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