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No matter how secure you think your site is, there are always things you can do to keep hackers out for longer. Of course, you should backup your site regularly to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Performing security audits frequently could always help your cause. Here are 6 security audit plugins that help you get the job done more effectively:


WP Security Audit Log: helps you identify small WordPress problems before they become something bigger. It helps you monitor user activity and keep up with changes on your site. [click to continue…]


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Those of you who have a dedicated server have probably used the WHM software in the past. It is an awesome tool that makes it easier to manage your server and what’s installed on it. The problem arises when you don’t take time to secure your server and its web host manger. You certainly don’t want to get caught off-guard when someone cracks your password. That’s why you should enable solutions such as cPHulk to stay on top of things and keep your server secure.

cPHulk [click to continue…]


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Many new webmasters I know choose passwords that are too easy to guess and don’t even remember who they have shared their passwords with. Running your website that way is disastrous and could come back to bite you in the future. As a webmaster, you need to enforce a strong password policy and make sure you don’t share your passwords with just anyone. Here are 6 ways to set up a safe password policy for your website:

Login Security

Enforce strong passwords: as a webmaster, you should not have a weak password. You also should not allow your members to have weak passwords. These plugins help you enforce strong passwords across your site. [click to continue…]


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Most of us have heard and dealt with fake traffic in the past. We are talking about fake web-bots that visit sites for various reasons (e.g. to inflate traffic). As a webmaster, you don’t want fake traffic on your website as they don’t lead to any conversion for your business and could potentially harm it. There are many ways to deal with fake traffic and click fraud. If you don’t want to spend any time coding, you should check these 3 plugins to deal with this issue:


Wordfence Security
: a powerful security plugin that keeps your website safe against viruses and malicious attacks. It also handles malicious scans by hackers and botnets. [click to continue…]


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We keep hearing about WordPress sites getting hacked frequently. The mere fact that WordPress is a very popular content management system makes the sites running on it a target for hackers. We have covered plenty of ways you can go about hardening WordPress. You may also want to think about hiding certain information about your site. Hiding the WordPress login page, version, and other features might keep hackers at bay. Here are 5 plugins you can use to hide WordPress features:

hide wp

Hide My WP: hides the fact that you are running WordPress. It hides various WordPress specific features to make it harder for hackers to mess with your site. You can change permalinks, hide your login page, and do a whole lot more. [click to continue…]


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