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We have all dealt with WordPress search in the past. It might work fine when you are getting started. But you are going to need additional tools and scripts to offer the best search experience on your established website. Have you ever wanted to allow your visitors to search through comments on your site? These 3 comment search plugins have you covered:


Relevanssi: a better search solution for WordPress. Replaces the default search with partial-match search and sorts results by relevance. You can search comments, tags, categories and custom fields. [click to continue…]


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We keep hearing about WordPress sites getting hacked frequently. The mere fact that WordPress is a very popular content management system makes the sites running on it a target for hackers. We have covered plenty of ways you can go about hardening WordPress. You may also want to think about hiding certain information about your site. Hiding the WordPress login page, version, and other features might keep hackers at bay. Here are 5 plugins you can use to hide WordPress features:

hide wp

Hide My WP: hides the fact that you are running WordPress. It hides various WordPress specific features to make it harder for hackers to mess with your site. You can change permalinks, hide your login page, and do a whole lot more. [click to continue…]


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Many independent authors are now using platforms provided by Amazon, B&N, and Apple to bring their work in front of millions of people. As long as you can write, there are plenty of ways to get your book online these days. You do need to have a website for each book you publish to promote it aggressively. These 7 WordPress themes work just fine for e-book sites:


Publisher: a mobile-friendly theme powered by Tevolution and compatible with WooCommerce. It offers:

  • responsive design
  • unlimited color options
  • automatic updates
  • customizable homepage
  • Digital Download add-on and WooCommerce support
  • professional look [click to continue…]


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App development is one of the best ways to make money online these days. You do need to know coding and have great ideas to succeed. Promoting your apps online aggressively is also very important. We have already covered plenty of themes that work for app mini-sites. These 10 WordPress themes could work well for app portfolio sites:

Grizzly: a responsive WordPress theme with everything you need to promote your apps. You get:

  • multiple styles
  • sidebar generator
  • various icons
  • 7 custom widgets
  • translation support
  • custom login / branding [click to continue…]


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Those of you who have been following our themes lists in the past few weeks have probably realized that we are a big fan of Astoundify and their work. Their themes are very clean and professional. Let’s not forget that they add a ton of features to their unique themes to set them apart from other similar products. Jobify happens to be one of the best job board themes around. It is elegant, fast, responsive, and easily customizable. It integrates with WP Job Manager and a bunch of other useful plugins. If you have already gotten your hands on Jobify, you may want to download these plugins to enhance its capabilities:


Job Colors: lets you change job colors without having to edit your CSS code. It is designed for WP Job Manager (which Jobify uses). [click to continue…]

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Those of you who have spent some time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest recently have probably seen how much attention picture quotes get. It is not surprising to me that some of our visitors would like to create their own quote sites. These 7 WordPress themes could work for those types of projects:


Quickly: a sleek theme with 2 grid modes and 4 color schemes. It is responsive and can handle videos and images well. It looks quite clean. [click to continue…]


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WordPress is more than a content management system for blogs. Many folks are using it to power sophisticated portals and even e-commerce stores. There are a number of powerful plugins you can adopt to turn your WordPress site into an online store. WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, JigoShop, and Cart66 stand out for us. These 25 WordPress themes and the mentioned plugins make building your online store super easy:

WooCommerce Themes:

WooCommerce happens to be one of the most popular e-commerce plugins available for WordPress. The developers at WooThemes have done a wonderful job improving the platform over the years. These WooCommerce themes help you build your own online store fast:


Bazar Shop: a clean and attractive theme for this plugin. It has a ton of awesome features such as custom checkout pages, a wishlist feature, and a popup plugin for offers and news. [click to continue…]


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