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August 25th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many professionals have created websites to build their brand and generated leads. You can’t expect to impress your visitors without showcasing your past work or customer testimonials. Projects by WooThemes happens to be a clean portfolio management system for WordPress. It lets you add your recent projects and display them on your site using a shortcode, widget, or template tag.

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August 12th in Premium Themes by .


I don’t know about you, but I am constantly on the look out for the best WordPress themes on the market. There are just too many of them around and choosing the right WordPress theme could take a lot of work depending on what you plan to do with your WordPress website. Getting a premium theme wouldn’t cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars, but if you have more than one website in multiple niches, you are going to need a WordPress membership such as that of WooThemes. Essentially, these sites provide you with unlimited licenses to lots of themes for a monthly fee. So instead of paying $200 to get an unlimited license to a single WordPress theme, you get your hands on 10-20 premium themes for $15-$30 a month. If you own lots of websites, that’s really the best way to go without you going broke, spending all your budget on all kinds of premium themes.


WooThemes is one of the best membership sites on the Internet that I personally recommend to my clients and colleagues. There are a lot of membership sites that provide you with low quality, rehashed themes on a monthly basis. With WooThemes, almost all its offered themes are very high quality and exciting. And the developers behind these themes don’t only focus on one or two category. They provide all kinds of themes for all types of websites to help you expand your website portfolio and build vlogs, portals, blogs, and startup sites.

WooThemes’ business model is very simple. You can either buy a single theme for a couple of hundred dollars or you can join its membership plan and get your hands on all the premium themes. There are two classes of membership available. You can choose the standard plan that will cost you $125 up front plus $15 a month fee for theme updates. If you are hardcore and want to build your own unique themes from WooThemes products, you should sign up for Developer Club Membership. It costs a bit more but at the same time you get all the PSD files, so you can use these themes to build unique, better themes for your website without having to start from scratch. [click to continue…]


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January 17th in Plugin Lists, Wordpress Tips by .

Plenty of webmasters use WordPress to sell products online. With plugins such as WooCommerce, one could easily run an online shop. Starting an online store is not hard but making it a successful venture takes effort. Here are 20 ways you can improve your WordPress e-commerce site and give it a better chance to succeed:

WordPress e-commerce tips


Don’t forget about Facebook commerce: Facebook can drive a ton of traffic and sales to your website if you play your cards right. WooCommerce shop to Facebook is a plugin that lets you start offering your products on that site to get more views. [click to continue…]


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April 17th in Plugin Lists, Wordpress Plugins by .

You don’t need me to tell you how powerful WooCommerce is. It has everything you would need to start an online shop and sell products. The plugin is already very powerful, but you can further extend its capabilities with the right extensions. These 15 plugins help you handle payment issues on your website:


Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce: want to accept Bitcoin payments on your website? This plugin is one of many extensions for the job. You can accept Bitcoin payments for physical and digital downloadable products. [click to continue…]


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February 8th in Plugin Lists, Wordpress Plugins by .

WooCommerce makes it much easier to bring your store online and start selling products. There are plenty of extensions that can enhance your store’s capabilities. These 5 WooCommerce plugins help you with your invoicing needs:


WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: a plugin that adds a PDF invoice to order confirmation e-mails sent to customers. You can create and modify your own templates. [click to continue…]


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October 8th in Wordpress Plugins by .

WooCommerce is a wonderful plugin to use to build an online store. Many webmasters rely on traditional pricing strategies for their products. Letting your customers submit their own offers is an idea worth exploring though. Here are 4 plugins that give your customers more control over how much they want to pay:


Offers for WooCommerce: adds a “make an offer” button to product pages. It has email notifications for new offers, accepted offers, counter offers, and declined offers. [click to continue…]


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July 18th in Plugin Lists, Wordpress Plugins by .

WooCommerce makes it very easy to build an online store. There are also plenty of awesome extensions available for it that allow you to further improve your website. These 10 plugins help you add support for gifts and gift cards to WooCommerce:


WooCommerce Gift Card Pro: lets your visitors buy gift cards on your website. You get 3 pricing schemes and can export gift cards to PDF. [click to continue…]


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