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Plagiarism and content theft are nothing new. They are not as uncommon as some folks portray them to be. Even some well-known journalists and professionals have been caught for stealing other people’s work. The problem is much bigger for webmasters. Many folks don’t seem to have any problem stealing other people’s work. As a webmaster, you should not tolerate that. There are many things you can do to remind content thieves about your rights as a publisher and keep them from stealing your content easily. Using these 6 WordPress plugins is a good place to start:


Plagiarism: checks your pages against the web for duplicate content before you publish your posts. It also detects duplicate copies of your older posts. [click to continue…]


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June 20th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many web publishers have to deal with content thieves on a regular basis. It is always heartbreaking when someone takes credit for your hard work without even giving you a link back. You may not be able to stop content theft completely. But you can always add your copyright information to your posts and show the world you are serious about defending your rights. These 5 copyright plugins for WordPress help with that:

Copyrighted Post: adds a copyright notice to the end of each post on your blog. You can customize its settings from Reading Settings page. [click to continue…]


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November 6th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Content theft is a huge headache for publishers these days. Many of us work so hard to develop unique content for our sites. But some people have no trouble stealing other people’s content. You may not be able to stop every content thief but there are things you can do to combat content theft. These 6 plugins are useful tools to have at your disposal for this purpose:

Copyright Proof: a cool service that lets you digitally certify your content and prove authorship when it comes to your content. You can copy protect your work too.

Auto Copyright: automatically creates a copyright notice based on the first and last posts in your database. People can’t say you didn’t warn them about your copyright when you have this installed. [click to continue…]

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