deferred Javascript

January 20th in Wordpress Plugins by .

We all would like our sites to run as fast as possible. A slow website will turn your visitors off. It might even affect your search engine rankings, depending on how far Google and other search engines push site speed as a ranking factor. We have already covered plenty of plugins that help you improve your site’s performance. Removing unwanted plugins, reducing image sizes, and handling how scripts load on your site are just some of the things you can do to make your site faster.

Many of us have all kinds of JavaScript codes on our sites. By using deferred JavaScript coding, you can make your site faster without having to remove features. Here are 3 plugins that offer you code with deferred JavasScript execution:

jsDelivr: speeds up your website by using jsDelivr’s CDN service. It also allows you to apply Async/Defer loading to your JavaScript codes. [click to continue…]


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