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June 22nd in Premium Themes, Themes for Businesses by .


Suit for WordPress is a premium theme designed by NattyWP for those who are interested in starting their own business blog. Suit is a very flexible theme that lets you change the color, font, and even background image all by yourself without having write a single line of code. The theme is very lightweight and SEO-friendly, enabling you to maximize your search engine traffic for your business.


Like many other NattyWP themes, Suit comes with additional widgets (6). You also get 3 page templates to help you manage your site-map, archives, and post pages more effectively. And you can change a whole lot of things in the back-end without writing code or adding plug-ins.


What I like about Suit is the fact that it comes integrated with Flickr, Twitter, and Feedburner. That means you can easily add content from these networks to your business blog.

All in all, Suit is a light weight business theme for anyone interested in starting a business blog. If you are looking for a theme that can be easily customized without you having to write any code, you should consider Suit.


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