50 Rad Twitter WordPress Plugins You Should Not Miss

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks around. Millions of people are active on the site and contributing to it every day. Twitter can potentially drive a ton of traffic to your website. You need a real strategy to succeed. The good news is integrating Twitter into WordPress is easy as there are many quality Twitter plugins and scripts available for WordPress.

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Here are 50 rad Twitter plugins that make your WordPress site Twitter friendly:

  1. Nextend Twitter Connect: adds Twitter login functionality to WordPress.
  2. Slick Social Share Buttons: adds social media buttons to your website. Multiple types are available.
  3. Tweetable: displays your latest tweets in your sidebar and tweets your new posts.
  4. PunchTab: adds gamification to your website, allowing you to reward visitors for tweets and other actions.
  5. Twitter Feed Pro: adds feed, favorite feed, search or hashtag to your website.
  6. Kebo Twitter Feed: adds your Twitter feed to your website fast. It is highly customizable.
  7. JM Twitter Cards: designed to make adding Twitter cards to WordPress easier.
  8. Twitter posts to Blog: creates posts on your website from Twitter searches.
  9. Lazy Social Buttons: offers lazy loading for Google+, Twitter, and Facebook buttons.
  10. Social Media E-Mail Alerts: sends you email alerts when your site gets traffic from social media sites.
  11. WordPress Exit Strategy Pro: encourages visitors to tweet or like your site before leaving.
  12. Ninja Popups: a powerful popup plugin for WordPress with support for top social networks.
  13. Vine Embed: makes embedding Vine videos in your WordPress posts easy.
  14. Jetpack: this plugin enables Vine shortcode once your site is connected to WordPress.
  15. Click to Tweet: lets you create gorgeous Click to Tweet boxes and items on your website.
  16. Twitter Hover Tweet: adds hover over effects to images to make them “tweet-able.”
  17. Twitter Tracker: allows you to display Twitter search in your sidebar.
  18. HL Twitter: displays tweets from multiple accounts and auto- tweets new posts.
  19. WP to Twitter: automatically auto-posts a Twitter update when you update your blog.
  20. Total Users Pro: shows the total number of subscribers, followers, and likes.
  21. WP HootSuite Dashboard: allows users to use Hootsuite directly through the WordPress backend.
  22. Tweet Tweet: archives your Twitter updates in your database. Useful if you need to backup your tweets.
  23. Twitter Digest: publishes daily or weekly post of tweets on your website.
  24. Foobar: adds a notification bar to WordPress. Use it to promote deals or social sites.
  25. Social Traffic Pop: locks page functionality until a social action is a completed.
  26. Social Locker: locks parts of your website, allowing your visitors to unlock them with a tweet.
  27. WordPress Social Stream: creates a social stream from your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media updates.
  28. Twitter Tweets: lets you display tweets on your website using widgets, shortcodes, and functions.
  29. Ditty Twitter Ticker: adds a scrolling or rotating Twitter feed to your website.
  30. Rotating Tweets: shows tweets one at a time in an animated fashion. It is responsive.
  31. Twitter Trending Widget: keeps track of your trending posts based on Twitter shares.
  32. Sharebar: lets you include a floating social share box on your website. It is easy to customize.
  33. Top Social Share Posts: displays top shared posts. 9 social networks are supported.
  34. Social Network Tabs: combines your favorite social network profiles into a slide out or static tabs.
  35. WordPress Twitter Bootstrap: adds support for Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript libraries to your site.
  36. SocialBox: it shows the number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, and more.
  37. Tweetable Shortcode: turns your sentences into tweet-able items. Supports short URLs too.
  38. Social Coupon for WooCommerce: adds a social coupon system to your WooCommerce website.
  39. WordPress Social Timeline: turns your status/posts/videos/images from different social networks into a timeline on your site.
  40. Tweet Old Posts: designed to tweet your older posts and bring more traffic to your site.
  41. Inline Tweets: embeds tweets into your posts, pages, and everywhere else.
  42. Tweet to download: lets webmasters offer downloadable items for tweets.
  43. Login Radius: lets your visitors log in and comment with their Twitter account.
  44. Wibiya: a social toolbar for websites. It offers social sharing and promotion buttons.
  45. Speakup: allows you to create petitions and share them on Twitter and Facebook.
  46. TweetDis: makes any phrase tweetable in WordPress. It has attractive call to action designs.
  47. Tweet Map: shows geo-tagged Twitter updates on Google Maps.
  48. Like to Keep Reading: lets you give visitors a taste of your premium content but give up everything you have for social actions.
  49. Tweet-stimonials: adds Twitter testimonials to your website. Uses Twitter favorites to do the job.
  50. Twitter Chat: adds Twitter chat functionality to sites. Useful for businesses.

There you have it: 50 awesome WordPress plugins to make your website Twitter friendly. You may not need them all but each of them can add something to your site.

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