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December 17th in Plugin Lists, Wordpress Plugins by .

WhatsApp shouldn’t need any introduction. It is a cross-platform instant messaging app that lets you make calls and send text messages over the Internet. Plenty of brands and businesses understand the importance of using these platforms these days. If you are just getting started with WhatsApp, you may want to check these plugins put:

Share Post On WhatsApp: a simple plugin that lets you share posts and pages to WhatsApp. [click to continue…]


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Adding countdowns for deals and discounts to your site is one way to generate more interest in your offers. You could also use the same approach to let your visitors know when certain pages on your site will expire to increase your conversion rate. Here are 2 page expiration countdown timers that can handle the job:

Post Expiration: this plugin combines with the Countdown Pro plugin to let you expire posts and track visitors based on IP address and cookie. A widget is available to display all posts that will expire. [click to continue…]


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In the past few years, we have covered plenty of themes and plugins that let you bring your store online and sell your own products to people around the world. In certain cases, you may want to pursue different pricing strategies and payment methods in different countries. These 5 country-based pricing and payment plugins can help:

WooCommerce Price Based on Country: adds multi-currency support to your WooCommerce site. The plugin detects the country of each visitor and sets the currency and price you have set.

[click to continue…]


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Savvy webmasters understand the importance of publishing their posts at the right time. Scheduling posts when you are dealing with a couple of posts is not that hard. Things get more complicated if you post a ton of new articles every day. These 4 plugins automatically schedule your posts to save you time:


Auto Post Scheduler: lets you publish new posts or recycle old posts automatically. It puts you in control of time and day for your posts. [click to continue…]


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Every real estate agent needs a website to promote her business and give customers and prospects a way to communicate with her. If you are a realtor looking to build your website fast, look no further than real estate themes for WordPress. These themes help you build your website fast, so you can start promoting your business more effectively without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the talented community of WordPress developers, you have many templates to choose from for your real estate website. Here are 50+ premium real estate themes you shouldn’t miss:


HomeQuest: a real estate directory theme with attractive pages and a full screen map. HomeQuest is ready to be translated and monetized. It comes with instant search functionality. [click to continue…]


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So you want to create your own classified website using WordPress. That may sound very complicated if you think about it. But in reality, you don’t have to write the code from scratch. In the past couple of years, we have seen many powerful classified themes released. An ideal classified theme for WordPress would allow you to post listings, let others post them for you, and charge folks for their featured listings. Top products in this category are social media friendly too (e.g. allow Facebook connect). You also want to pay extra attention to the security of your theme. Spammers are everywhere, and they love targeting classified sites.

If you are looking to create your own free or paid listings website using WordPress, you should check out these classified themes:


ClassiPress: it is the premium classified theme for WordPress. It not only allows your users to add their posts without too much hassle, it comes well integrated with PayPal, and an image manager. Your visitors can report spam listings, so you can catch them with the help of your community.


ClassifiedEngine: an elegant theme by the folks behind JobEngine and ForumEngine. It has a modern and responsive design. It offers flexible payments. Webmasters can accept, organize, and search listings quickly. The developers behind this theme are known for offering frequent updates.


Directory: a classified ads / business directory theme that lets you create and manage content conveniently. It is designed for international sites. It is powered by the Tevolution plugin. [click to continue…]


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Infographic by PRweb

Infographic by PRweb

In case you haven’t noticed, most top blogs and news sites have their own YouTube channels. Developing quality videos for your business should be a part of your content marketing strategy. Once you have produced your videos and uploaded them to YouTube, you need to aggressively promote them. Let’s not forget that adding YouTube to your posts could make your website more engaging, keep your visitors on longer, and even improve your search engine rankings (more shares, quality links, …). Integrating YouTube with WordPress is not that hard. Here are 15 ways you can go about integrating your YouTube presence into WordPress:

youtube gallery

Add enhanced widgets: want your YouTube channel to get more attention? Adding your videos to your website is a good idea. There are plenty of quality YouTube widgets that let you add your videos to your sidebar quickly. [click to continue…]


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