4 Automatic Post Schedulers for WordPress

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Savvy webmasters understand the importance of publishing their posts at the right time. Scheduling posts when you are dealing with a couple of posts is not that hard. Things get more complicated if you post a ton of new articles every day. These 4 plugins automatically schedule your posts to save you time:

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Auto Post Scheduler: lets you publish new posts or recycle old posts automatically. It puts you in control of time and day for your posts.


Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler: this plugin lets you create time slots for your future posts. You can enable or disable publishing on any given day.


Publish to Schedule: saves you from having to choose dates and time for your upcoming posts. Just choose date, time, interval settings, and the plugin takes care of the rest.


Post to Queue: lets you add posts to a queue and publish them in your chosen interval and time frame. Acts like Buffer for your site.

Have you found better plugins to automatically schedule WordPress posts? Please share them here.

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