20+ Plugins to Perform WordPress Tasks Automatically

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Running a growing WordPress community comes with a whole host of challenges. You may have to wear multiple hats to keep everything on the right track. WordPress automation plugins can give you a leg up though. They are simple tools that automate certain tasks on your website while you focus on more important issues. Here are 20+ WordPress automation plugins you don’t want to miss:

WordPress Task Automation Plugins


Automatic Post Tagger: this plugin automatically adds relevant tags to your posts. Bulk tagging of posts is supported.


Auto Post Scheduler: automatically schedules and posts articles to your site. You can use it to recycle old posts.


Automatic Post Date Filler: here is a simple plugin that automatically sets custom date and time when editing your posts.

Browser Shots: automates the process of producing website screenshots. You can change URL, width, height, alt, target, and other parameters easily.


Automatic Domain Changer: this plugin detects a domain change and updates your WordPress tables, allowing you to migrate from one domain to another easily.


Amazon Auto Links: automatically adds Amazon affiliate links to your website.


Limit Login Attempts: a simple tool that detects attacks on your login page and bans IPs.


You may also want to see:

Automatic Featured Images from Videos: this plugin automatically sets the featured image for each post from YouTube or Vimeo videos.


Auto Upload Images: detects external images in your posts and uploads them to your media library.


Auto Post Thumbnail: another plugin that generates post thumbnails automatically. It grabs the first image.


WooCommerce PDF Invoices: generates and attaches customizable PDF invoices to WooCommerce e-mails.


NextScripts: automatically publishes your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social networking sites.


UpdraftPlus: makes backup and restoration of your site easy. It supports S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, and other storage services.


WP Optimize: cleans your database and optimizes it automatically. It also displays database statistics.


Auto-Close: automatically closes comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. Lets you choose a custom time period for closing them.


Post Expirator: lets you add an expiration date to your posts to change their status or delete them automatically.


Automatic Sign Out Plugins: these plugins let you log out inactive users automatically.


Tweet old content plugins: these plugins let you retweet old posts to get them in front of more people.

split test

Headline rotating plugins: scripts such as Title Experiments let you rotate and test multiple headlines.

rotate tweet

Rotate testimonials/quotes: you can use these scripts to rotate posts, quotes, and testimonials automatically.

Have you found better WordPress automation plugins? Please share them here.

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