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You may not be looking to make a lot of money from your personal website. That does not mean you should not invest in a decent theme for it. Even if your personal website is too informal, you still want to make people want to check your site out without getting frustrated with your design. Glider for WordPress is a clean theme that lets you give your personal website a make-over and share your content with the world more effectively.

Glider for WordPress allows you to host your portfolio and blog on your website. It has 5 unique color schemes and can handle all your images (automated thumbnail resizing is supported). The design may not be too fancy but it’s clean and enables your visitors to find what they are looking for fast.

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October 11th in Premium Themes, Themes for Personal Blogs, Themes for Pro Bloggers by .

Not all WordPress themes are equal. Some are just better for blogging than others. If you are new to blogging or just want to give your website a makeover, you want to choose a theme that is attractive, easy to customize, and gives your visitors a better chance to get the best out of your blog. Here are 10 WordPress blogging themes that fit the bill:

Convergence: one of my favorite blogging themes around. It has a very professional look, is easy to customize, and is pretty affordable. It’s social media friendly too.

Gloss Surface: a glossy blogging theme for WordPress. It’s AJAXified and easy to customize. Gloss Surface is search engine friendly as well.

Elemental: not just merely a theme, but a powerful WordPress framework that you can take advantage of to design all kinds of websites (Nominate is a good example for this).

Caulk: another social media friendly theme for bloggers. It’s pretty colorful and very dynamic. Can be used for magazines and other types of portals. [click to continue…]


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These days everybody needs to have a blog. As long as you are passionate about one thing in life, you have everything you need to start your own WordPress blog. It can certainly open doors for you. Even if you don’t have something that you are passionate about, you can always take your time to find your voice. But it never hurts to start a website to promote your projects, work, and other activities. That’s where PersonalPress for WordPress comes in handy. It’s a versatile WordPress theme that lets you create a personal or professional blog and share your thoughts with the world.

PersonalPress has a very unique look and feel, and it’s pretty easy to customize as well. It comes with 5 color schemes, so you can change things around without writing a line of code (if you need coding, you can of course make more changes). It has two styles that you can choose from (blog or business). This theme comes with automated thumbnail resizing as well. You can of course turn thumbnails off if you prefer. [click to continue…]


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