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Plenty of webmasters use WordPress to sell products online. With plugins such as WooCommerce, one could easily run an online shop. Starting an online store is not hard but making it a successful venture takes effort. Here are 20 ways you can improve your WordPress e-commerce site and give it a better chance to succeed:

WordPress e-commerce tips


Don’t forget about Facebook commerce: Facebook can drive a ton of traffic and sales to your website if you play your cards right. WooCommerce shop to Facebook is a plugin that lets you start offering your products on that site to get more views. [click to continue…]


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Those of you who have been involved in the Internet marketing world have probably heard about the concept “always be testing.” You don’t have to be a marketing genius to understand that testing matters and why you should do it. You want to test different themes and plugins to make sure you pick the right ones for your website. These 7 WordPress plugins let you do just that:

Plugin Test Drive: want to adopt a new plugin on your website but not sure how it will affect the experience of your visitors? This plugin lets you test your plugin out before letting your visitors see the changes.

Max Landing: allows you to create and test powerful landing pages for your website. It is compatible with Max A/B testing plugin. [click to continue…]


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These days many businesses use WordPress to run their online operations. Every business owner knows about the importance of providing top notch support to their customers and prospects. If you have resources for in-house live chat, more power to you. At the very least, you need to have a help-desk system to provide support for your customers. Here are 3 ways to integrate a customer support system in WordPress:

Feedback Engine: a powerful theme designed specifically for business owners who want to host their customer support system on a separate location than their main website. It can also be used to gather ideas from your customers. [click to continue…]


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So you have written an e-book already and want an easy way to promote your work online? Maybe you want to turn your blog into a book and start selling your previous works. Whatever the case, there are plenty of e-book themes and plugins you can take advantage of to start promoting and selling your e-books. Here are 5 ways to do just that:

Ebook Theme: an attractive and easy to set up landing page theme for your e-book. Allows you to start promoting and selling your e-book, while including your pitch and testimonials to improve your conversion rate.

Chapters: want to give your fans a taste of what your book is all about before turning them into buyers? Chapters theme allows you to publish parts of your book online for everyone to see. [click to continue…]


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Those of you who have tried Internet marketing courses in the past are probably familiar with Ezine Articles and sites of that type. These types of sites not only provide webmasters a chance to get their websites links and more traffic, they make their owners a ton of money in the process. Thanks to article directory themes for WordPress, you can start your very own mini article directory in minutes. Here are 4 themes that let you do just that.

ArticleDirectory: a modern article directory theme that organizes your articles in an attractive fashion. It can handle paid article portals too.

Article Directory Theme: it can handle an unlimited number of categories. It is SEO friendly and makes life difficult for spammers. It offers word filtering too.

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In the past few weeks, I have talked about ways one can use WordPress to do certain things (for those of you who want to look beyond blogging). WordPress is a particularly useful platform for start-ups. It can save them a lot of time and effort and handle their growth in the future. With all the cool themes and plugins available for this platform, the sky’s the limit.

Here are 10 cool ways to use WordPress for your next start-up venture:

Develop Your iPhone or iPad (or Android) Application

This is truly a great time to be a mobile app developer. There are so many exciting platforms that you can develop products for. Some developers are making a significant amount of money from their ads and paid apps. You can too. These app themes let you focus more on developing and less on your app’s website.

Start a Real Estate Business

WordPress can be easily used to store home listings and share them with the world. Solutions such as Estate Theme can easily handle all your listings and give your visitors all the tools they need to browse through your listings more effectively (don’t forget to check these).

Create a Job Board

The job market always has its ups and downs. But people will always look for jobs. Themes such as Job Board (by Templatic) can be used to start niche (paid) job sites fast. You can also use this theme to find talents for your own business.

Start a Classified Start-up

Just take a look at Craigslist. It has a huge market-share and it has become quite a powerful web property. Your start-up does not have to aim to be the next Craigslist. There are plenty of niche opportunities available. ClassiPress is just the theme for these types of sites. [click to continue…]


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Starting a website is more than just installing WordPress and hoping for the best. You are going to need content, images, graphics, videos, and all types of assets to make your website worth using for your visitors. The content part you can address yourself. But not everybody can come up with high quality images and videos. If you can’t pull it off yourself, you can always buy. There are plenty of places you can pick up royalty-free assets. Here are 5 that stand out:

Graphic River: has plenty of graphics to get you started. Photoshop goodies, vectors, and icons are all up for grabs.

stock.xchng: a great place to pick up high quality images (free or royalty free). If you are going to use the free images from here, don’t forget to give credit when required.

Video Hive: has stock footage, motion graphics, DVD menus, and all kinds of goodies you can use for your video project or video blog. [click to continue…]


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