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We have covered plenty of social media plugins for WordPress. Making your website Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest friendly is a no brainer. Many folks go about doing that by adding the right social buttons to their posts. With the Social Locker plugin, you can take a more aggressive approach. This plugin lets you lock certain parts of your content and unlock them when your visitors like, tweet or +1 your content.

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The idea here is very simple: we all love publishing our content for free. But it is always nice to get some social media love from our visitors. Social Locker helps you encourage your visitors to share your content with their friends and contacts. It also has a built-in analytics tool that tracks how your visitors interact with your content. The plugin is Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn friendly.

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Social Locker is highly customizable. You get to set a timeout period for it. You can show it on mobile devices. The Analytics option shows you how many likes, tweets, and +1 votes your content have received. The data here is invaluable as you can use it to develop even more magnetic content for your website.


Social Locker has multiple themes for you to choose from. Locker Header and Message can modified when you add a new locker to your site. You can lock your content by using the appropriate shortcode (make sure you use the right one if you have multiple lockers).

social locker

This plugin does have a free version but the paid version is more versatile and gives you more flexibility when preparing your social lockers. You shouldn’t overuse this plugin but testing it is not a bad idea to see how your visitors react. This is one of the better social lockers we have tested.

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