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The idea of social lockers is nothing new. Some folks have been using them to get their content more likes, tweets, and pins. You need to have special content to pull this off. You should also adopt a conservative approach with this strategy or your could turn your visitors off. These 7 social locker plugins allow you to hide some of your content and display them only to those who like, tweet, or +1 your posts:

social locker

Social Locker for WordPress: this plugin has multiple themes and is compatible with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. It has analytics tools too. [click to continue…]

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We have covered plenty of social media plugins for WordPress. Making your website Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest friendly is a no brainer. Many folks go about doing that by adding the right social buttons to their posts. With the Social Locker plugin, you can take a more aggressive approach. This plugin lets you lock certain parts of your content and unlock them when your visitors like, tweet or +1 your content.

wpjedi social [click to continue…]


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