5 Country Blockers for WordPress

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There are plenty of simple ways to block certain IP addresses from accessing your website. Have you ever wanted to block a whole country or an entire geographical area? These 5 country blockers for WordPress have you covered:

IP Geo Block: this plugin protects your WordPress site against hack attacks. It also lets you blacklist countries or groups of IP addresses. You can use multiple IP geolocation databases with this.

iQ Block Country: lets you limit access to your content. You can disallow visitors from countries of your choice. The data is stored in your WP database but you can reduce the number of days it is stored.

Wordfence: should not need any introduction. It is one of the most popular security plugins around. Its premium plan gives you access to country block, so you can get rid of problematic traffic in a flash.

CleanTalk Firewall: this plugin can stop spam comments, bookings, subscriptions, bookings, and everything in between. It can block comments and registrations from the countries you have set a ban for. You can also ban comments that contain certain words.

Antispam Bee: another tool for getting a handle on your comments section. It lets you block commenters from certain countries or allow comments only in a certain language. It can delete existing spam after n-number of days have passed.

Have you found better country blockers for WordPress? Please share them here.

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