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June 16th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Having the best content in your market does not necessarily mean that your site will be a success. You will also have to work hard on building a solid community and gaining loyal readers. Keeping your new visitors on your website for longer would also help. Adding a related posts section to each and every post is a good way to retain your visitors for longer.

There are plenty of related posts plugins available for WordPress. Unfortunately, many of them put too much load on your server. Some of them just slow sites down dramatically. When it comes to these plugins, you want to do your homework before picking one for your site. Here are 5 similar posts plugins we have had the most success with:

nrelate Related Content: it analyzes your website’s content and shows related posts from your site. You have the option to include this after each post or use the appropriate shortcode to add this anywhere. Advertising is also possible with this plugin. [click to continue…]


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