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Building a forum around your blog is one of the best ways to build a solid, dynamic community that will go on even with you not being involved. I am not suggesting that you should set up a forum and just take a 6 month vacation. At the same time, having a community that goes beyond your posts and allows people to get involved and make their own content can certainly be beneficial to you and your blog. If you take a look at the top blogs around, you’ll see that those that have gone to become major media sources have built up their base through their forums. These folks usually register both .com and .net version of their domains. They dedicate the .com version to a blog whereas the .net domain is usually reserved for forums, online communities, and beyond.

There are two ways to use your vBulletin software. You can just choose the forum software (which is what I recommend). That makes it possible for you to use WordPress as your main CMS and integrate your vBulletin forum into your community without too much trouble. vBulletin’s publishing suite is a premium package that you may not need, especially if your community is based on WordPress. There are many reasons to adopt vBulletin, but here are 5 reasons that stand out: [click to continue…]


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Taking time to set up a WordPress blog is only one part of the story. You should also take time to optimize your posts for the search engines if you want to get free traffic to your blog posts and take your blog to the next level. But in order to do that, you are going to need a decent keyword tool that provides you with accurate keyword stats and data. You can always use Google Adwords tool, but if you are ready to take your blog to the next level, here are 6 keyword research tools you should try:

SpyFu: one of the best tools I have ever tried. This tool helps you figure out what other sites are trying to get ranked for and how you can too. Download your competitors keywords in minutes and get an edge over them fast.


Wordze: one of the better “classic” keyword research tools on the market. It tells you what keywords are getting how much traffic. A great way to find those hidden gems and optimize for keywords that are not too tough to get ranked for.

WordTracker: has been around for years. It’s a great tool if you are looking to expand your keyword list and find new keywords to target on your website. [click to continue…]


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I have talked about in the past about the importance of using the right keywords on your WordPress blog to make sure you get ranked high on Google and don’t have to burn money on PPC. Using a good keyword tool not only allows you to find the keywords that will drive traffic to your blog, but also find new ideas for your future blog posts.

I have talked about my love for WordTracker in the past. It’s a great keyword research tool that allows you to find thousands of cool keyword phrases for your blog posts. But the truth is WordTracker can be expensive for many folks. After all, paying $330 a year or $59+ monthly for keyword research service may not be for everyone. That’s why I recommend using tools such as Keyword Elite

Keyword Elite only requires a one time fee, but provides you with awesome features that you can use to dig up valuable keywords. Here are the features you can expect to get with KE Elite:

The first option is very powerful. All you have to do is enter a keyword or domain (recommended), and it shows you the phrases that you can go for.

I usually use Ask and Yahoo!, but for the purpose of demonstration, I have only used Ask! here. Once you click OK, you are going to get a bunch of phrases that you can rank for. I recommend you enter your main competitor’s domain in the box to see what keywords they are ranking for that you should as well.

I entered the term making money online with blogging, and as you can see I have got some long-tail keywords that I can use in my blog posts. But more than that, you can use these money making ideas and blog about them.

The other features that KE Elite has to offer are useful as well. You can do the same process for pay per click listings, and also spy on pay per click ads. Watching out for your keyword competition allows you to go for keywords that are less competitive or “rankable.” 

The reason I like KE-Elite is due to the fact that you only make one payment, and you are set for updates for the life of the product. With WordTracker, you will have to spend $60 a month or pay up $330 right up front, and let’s not forget WordTracker does not cover PPC listings and the whole spying features like KE Elite does. There are of course other tools out there, but I have not seen one that provides as much blogging value as KE Elite.

Your take: feel free to share your experience with KE Elite or other software packages here.


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