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May 27th in Anti-Spam, Plugin Tips by .

Spam is one of the biggest issues to deal with for all webmasters. Spam can not only be annoying but also dangerous at times. Most new bloggers may not have to worry about spam as long as they have Akismet or similar solutions installed. But as soon as your website becomes popular, new challenges arise. These 10 anti-spam plugins for WordPress can help you tackle those issues:

Akismet: a great plugin for beginners and advanced users. In fact, you should not go live with your blog without having this plugin (or an alternative) turned on.

WP-reCAPTCHA: CAPTCHA can’t stop all spam comments and registrations. At the same time, it can make life difficult for spammers who want to mess with your website.

AVH First Defense Against Spam: checks comments before they are posted to your website and blocks spammers before they can do any harm.

Fast Secure Contact Form: so you thought your e-mail account would be safe against spammers when you used a contact form plugin? That is simply not true. This plugin lets you protect your forms and contact page against spammers. [click to continue…]


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