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Encryption technologies get a lot of coverage in the media these days. PGP is a data encryption and decryption program that can be used for encrypting texts, emails, and other data. Thanks to these plugins, you can encrypt your WordPress e-mails using PGP:


WP PGP Encrypted Emails: this plugin lets you sign and encrypt WordPress e-mails to protect your privacy. Just add your PGP keys to get started.

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In light of Snowden’s NSA revelations, more folks are worried about protecting their privacy. PGP is a powerful product that enables folks to exchange messages privately. Here is how Wikipedia describes it:

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is a data encryption and decryption computer program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication. PGP is often used for signing, encrypting, and decrypting texts, e-mails, files, directories, and whole disk partitions and to increase the security of e-mail communications.

Using PGP to secure your communications is not that difficult. But these PGP plugins make it even easier:


wp2pgpmail: a PGP mail form for WordPress. Your visitors can use it to send you a PGP encrypted message. The pro version provides support for Gravity Forms. [click to continue…]


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