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WooCommerce makes it so easy to build an online store. There are plenty of themes and extensions available for it, allowing you to sell all types of products online. Thanks to the WooCommerce Pay Per Post Plugin, you are going to have an easy time selling access to pages and posts. It creates a custom field for product ID numbers and gives access to sold pages and posts to your paying customers.


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Most bloggers don’t charge their visitors for their articles. They can make money with premium products and courses though. As long as you have some special, unique content to offer your visitors, you may be able to fund your business by charging for it. Charging for content on a pay per view basis is not that common in the publishing industry. But for special courses and events videos, you may be able to pull it off. Here are 4 PPV plugins you can use to charge for your content aggressively and raise funds for your business:

Pay Per View: protects your content in posts and pages. It comes integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ APIs. It is PayPal friendly and highly customizable. You can use this for books, videos, tutorials, and other premium content. [click to continue…]

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