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July 28th in Plugin Lists by .

There are millions of people around the world interested in losing weight and getting fit. That explains the popularity of fitness apps, diet products, and weight loss courses. If you have a diet & fitness website, you should consider adding the right tools to make life easier for your visitors. These 4 weight loss plugins are worth a look:


MWP Diet Calories Calculator: a diet calculator with a responsive design. It can calculate BMI, LBM, FBM, WTH, MFM, BMR, and workout/rest calories. [click to continue…]


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July 26th in Wordpress Plugins by .

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of useful themes and plugins for health and fitness websites. You don’t always need a sophisticated theme or plugin to track weight on your site. Weight Loss Tracker for WordPress is a simple plugin that lets you record your weight on any given date. The data is then visualized in form of a graph.

weight-loss-tracker [click to continue…]


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