June 29th in Wordpress Plugins by .

The Sensei plugin is a wonderful tool to use to create courses, write lessons, and build an educational site. It lets you handle user registrations, payment, and other tasks associates with running an online school. These 3 course extensions for Sensei make it easier for your students to keep up with their lessons:


Sensei Course Progress: adds a sidebar widget to your site that displays all the lessons in the current course and the ones each user has completed. [click to continue…]


June 28th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Building websites using WordPress is not that hard. In some cases, you should be careful who can access your content as your site may not be suitable for younger users. The Age Verifier for WordPress is a handy plugin that adds an attractive age verification system to your site. It has a responsive and touchscreen friendly design and gives you multiple ways to verify age.

verifier [click to continue…]


June 27th in WordPress Themes by .

Many of us are passionate about skiing, snowboarding, and extreme sports. Whether you are planning to cover sports news online or sell extreme sports gear, you need to have a good looking website. These 6 themes give your extreme sports website a professional makeover:


Extreme Sports Clothing Gear: a WooCommerce theme with a 2-column layout and portfolio/blog functionality. It is powered by the Cherry Framework. [click to continue…]


June 26th in WordPress Themes by .

Pinterest has been around for a few years now. It has millions of active users contributing to it on a daily basis. Other social networks such as Google+ are also allowing their users to create collections. You could always build your own collection site using themes such as the PinsPro. This theme is designed for WordPress sites powered by PageLines DMS.

pinspro [click to continue…]


June 25th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many businesses sell their products on Amazon.com, so it would make sense for them to want to display Amazon.com reviews on their site. ScrapeAZon is an interesting plugin that displays customer reviews on your WordPress pages or posts or as a widget. You will have to provide the plugin with your AWS keys and Associates ID to get started. The plugin has a responsive style and lets you limit the number of characters for each review.

scrapeazon [click to continue…]


June 24th in Wordpress Plugins by .

There are plenty of popular and related posts plugins available for WordPress. Not all of them are coded for performance and speed. Most of them add their entries after or before you posts. Inline Related Posts is different. This is a plugin that inserts related posts inside your content to improve page views and reduce bounce rate.

inline-related-post [click to continue…]


June 23rd in Wordpress Plugins by .

Pushover is a powerful service that makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your iOS or Android device. Various application and web services already offer Pushover integration. These 4 plugins enable you to add Pushover support to WordPress:


Pushover Notifications: allows your WordPress site to send notifications to your iOS/Android device when new events happen. It supports notifications for new users, comments, pingback/trackbacks, plugin and theme upgrades, and other events. [click to continue…]