June 25th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many businesses offer multiple service tiers to their customers. Letting your prospects know what they get per plan is very important. The Pricing Table Builder Plugin is a handy tool that lets you build and display attractive pricing tables for your products. You can add name, pricing, button URL and text, and everything else to your tables.

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Pursing a career as a dietitian can be gratifying as you get to make money and help people change their life. You are going to need an attractive website to leave a good impression upon your visitors. Dietitian for WordPress is a theme that gives your diet site a makeover. It is a responsive theme built on Zurb Foundation. It comes integrated with Visual Composer.

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June 23rd in Wordpress Plugins by .

WordPress already comes with everything you need to share short and long posts with your audience. Have you ever wanted to split your log posts into multiple pages in a more attractive fashion? Advanced Post Pagination for WordPress has you covered. It lets you put text and image in pagination buttons to grab your readers’ attention.


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June 22nd in WordPress Themes by .

Publishing a campaign to crowdfunding websites is one way to raise funds for your ideas. You will also need to have a website to promote your product and keep your fans up-to-date. Studio Light for WordPress is a theme that lets you build an attractive website for your Kickstarter campaign.

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June 21st in Wordpress Plugins by .

So you want to build a website about movies? Adding movies one by one manually is not going to be convenient. WordPress Movies Bulk Importer is one of many plugins you can rely to import movies into your site. This particular plugin works with the TMDb API to let you add and display movie information on your site. You can perform advanced searches and choose how many movies to import per page.

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June 19th in WordPress Themes by .

In this day and age, everyone expects to be able to find credible businesses online. That applies to child care businesses as well. These child care themes let you give your business website a professional makeover:


Big Care: a child care theme with WooCommerce support. It has a responsive design, jQuery sliders, hundreds of Google fonts, and event management. [click to continue…]