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Amazon should not need any introduction. Many folks are familiar with the site and buy from it on a regular basis. Amazon has useful services for many businesses. Accepting payments through Amazon Payments is one way to make your store easier to use for your customers. If your site is powered by WooCommerce, you can use these 2 plugins to start supporting Amazon Payments:

amazin simple play

Amazon Simple Pay: lets your customers use Amazon to pay for their order. You get fraud detection, chargeback controls, and plenty of other benefits. [click to continue…]


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WordPress is a wonderful CMS to use to bring your site online and manage your content. As your site gets more popular, you are more likely to face hack attacks. While the WordPress core is secure, there are things you can do to harden WordPress and protect your server against hack attacks. Here are 18 ways you can use plugins to monitor, protect, and recover your site (after a hack attack): [click to continue…]


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You don’t always need to sell a physical product to make a living online. If you know a lot about a certain topic, there is no reason you should not start a business sharing your knowledge with others. There are many learning management systems around. You don’t have to abandon WordPress to start your own educational site though. LMS is one of many themes you can use to build your website. It can handle lessons, teachers, courses, quizzes, and everything else for you.

lms [click to continue…]


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Not every webmaster affords to pay his/her authors a ton of money for every article. Letting authors accept donations for their work is not a bad idea. There are already plenty of plugins that allow authors to sell their stories via PayPal. BitMate Author Donations is a handy plugin that allows website owners and authors to receive Bitcoin donations for their posts.

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Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping sites. It has millions of customers around the world and a powerful affiliate program, enabling webmasters to monetize their content easily. Showing Amazon deals and special discounts on your website is one way to make money as an Amazon affiliate. These plugins make it easy to add Amazon deals to your website:


ADF – Amazon Discount Finder: it has 5 types of banners and lets your visitors find what they are looking for without having to leave your site. It supports international Amazon Associates programs. [click to continue…]


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All businesses need to have an online presence these days. That applies to pet shelters as well. Rescue happens to be a responsive and Retina display ready theme designed for animal shelters. The theme has a clean design and offers integration with Petfinder, so you can use it to promote pet adoptions on your website. Rescue is also ready to be translated.

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Every savvy business owner knows the importance of keeping existing customers loyal. Offering great service is one way to do that. You are always going to have an easier time bringing old customers back for more when you offer them certain rewards. These 4 customer rewards plugins for WooCommerce allow you to test this idea out on your WordPress site:


Beans: a reward program that allows you to create rewards in return for a number of points your customers can earn. Your customers get notified when they are eligible for a reward. [click to continue…]