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We have all had to deal with broken links in the past. Sites that you link to can move or change their structure, leaving you with broken links. With WP Link Status, you can scan your site to find broken and “nofollow” links. You can set up scans to monitor links and images, track malformed links, and check the status of destination URLs.

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Twitch shouldn’t need any introduction to gamers, video producers, and livestreamers. Many YouTubers are also active on the site. If you have a growing presence on the site, you may want to use these Twitch plugins to display your videos or status in WordPress:

Team Broadcast Status List: displays the current status of a group of Twitch accounts. It displays what everyone is playing when online. [click to continue…]


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Setting a featured image from your Media Library is not that hard. But have you ever wanted to set featured images from your other sites or a third-party source? Featured Image From URL is just the plugin for the job. It simply lets you use an external image from Amazon S3, Flickr, and other sites as your featured image.

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Many popular commercial themes come with an attractive mega menu system. You can also use mega menu plugins to enhance older themes. Mammoth Submenu is designed for Visual Composer users. It lets you use VC widgets to build mega menus. You can add contact info, shop items, team members, and other useful content to your menus.

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Many of us have used Imgur to share content on Reddit and other social networking sites. Some people upload their large images to Imgur and serve it directly from there to improve their site’s speed. Thanks to these plugins, you can upload images to Imgur and add them to your site more efficiently:


DW TinyMCE Imgur Upload: this plugin lets you directly upload each image to Imgur with one click. It adds an Imgur button to the WP Editor. [click to continue…]


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There are plenty of awesome radio stations available on the Internet these days. If you need to display an online radio player on your website, you should give Hero for WordPress a look. It is a Shoutcast and Icecast radio player that supports MP3 and AAC streams.

The plugin is pretty easy to use. Simply add streams and the player will show the current song and artist photo. It uses Last.FM API to display singer photos. Hero has black and white skins with various customizable parameters. It has a History feature too. [click to continue…]


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Plenty of people use coupon sites to find deals on things they would like to buy. In the past couple of years, we have covered plenty of decent themes and plugins for coupon sites. Coupon Countdown for Clipper is a handy extension that adds a responsive timer to your coupon site. It displays timers on coupon page, categories, store, and other pages.

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