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Life and business coaching can be quite a gratifying career, but you need to work hard to grow your brand and stand out. Building a professional website for your practice is paramount to your success. PJ for WordPress is one of many themes you can use to promote your life and business coaching practice. It is compatible with Event Calendar and WooCommerce.

PJ for WordPress

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Running a website about stocks and financial investing can be quite lucrative if you know what you are doing. If you run such a website, it makes sense to add the latest stock market info to your pages. These 8 stock plugins can help:


Dynamic Stock Charts: adds dynamic stock charts to your posts, pages, and sidebars. It is built with Google Charts API. [click to continue…]


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Throwing a conference or professional event is not as easy as some make it look. You will need many things to go right for your event to be a success. Promoting your event properly is also important. Evnt for WordPress is a premium theme that lets you promote your conference, festival, or any other type of public event. It comes with everything you need to manage speakers, sponsors, tickets, and venues.

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Plenty of us have used WooCommerce to bring our stores online. The plugin already comes with a whole host of features to let you sell digital and physical products online. With the WooCommerce Membership plugin, you can sell online membership plans and restrict access to premium posts and pages. It lets you create an unlimited number of membership plans and manage members.

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In this day and age, more people are finding job opportunities online. While there are plenty of job hunting sites available, if you have a unique value proposition, there is no reason you shouldn’t build your own job directory. JobInn is a premium theme that lets you connect job hunters and recruiters on your site.

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Plenty of companies rely on affiliates to promote their products and grow their sales. You don’t need to spend a fortune to start your own affiliate program. Plugins such as Ultimate Affiliate Pro are designed to let you manage affiliates and generate more leads for your site.

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So you want to upload your book to your WordPress site and display it in a more dynamic fashion? WP Booklet for WordPress has you covered. It is a handy plugin that lets you create magazine-like pages. It has a bunch of built-in themes, but you can always create your own.

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