March 1st in Wordpress Plugins by .

Producing your own 360° panoramas or product views is not that hard these days. Including them on your website would make it more interactive. Embedding 360° panoramas, product views, and virtual tours in WordPress does not have to be difficult. These 5 plugins have you covered:


PanoPress: lets you embed 360° panoramas & virtual tours created with KRPano, Panotour, Pano2VR, and other tools in WordPress. [click to continue…]


February 28th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions around. Plenty of folks use it to store and share files. These 11 Dropbox plugins enable WordPress users to store and share files more easily:


Out-of-the-Box: integrates Dropbox into WordPress, allowing you to view, delete, and rename files/folders from your site. It uses the Dropbox API to get the job done. [click to continue…]


February 27th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Those of you who have been following this site for a while know that we are a big fan of Security Ninja. It may not be the absolute best security plugin, but it is quite useful for folks who have not spent any time on securing their site. The plugin is already powerful. The Events Logger makes it even better. It lets you monitor events happening on your site and figure out who has done what at what time.

security ninja [click to continue…]


February 26th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Customizing your 404 page is not really that hard. But many folks prefer not to touch any code and use plugins to handle everything. These 5 plugins can help you customize your 404 page quickly:

404 to start

404 to Start: lets you send 404 page not found links to your start page. It offers optional email alerts. [click to continue…]


February 25th in WordPress Themes by .

There are many folks who make a living online selling digital products. Even if you don’t have an e-book or an app to sell, you could always share what you have mastered with others and make some money that way. You don’t need to learn a new content management system to create courses, quizzes, and certificates for your customers though. EduLMS for WordPress happens to be an elegant LMS theme that lets you share your courses online like a pro.


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February 24th in WordPress Themes by .

Teaching others how to drive a car properly and pass their test can be a fun challenge. You need to promote your business if you want more people to do business with you though. Many parents and young folks search for credible driving schools in their area online, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on those opportunities. Driving School Pro is a premium theme that gives your site a professional makeover. It has a fully responsive design and various page templates.

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February 23rd in WordPress Themes by .

Pursuing a career as an activist is not without its challenges. Those of you who are passionate about a cause need to have a website to promote what you care about, build a community around it, and even raise funds for your campaigns. Here are 7 WordPress themes activists can use to build a professional website:

social activity

Social Activity: an elegant theme for social movements, political parties, and fundraisers. It is WooCommerce compatible. It has a mega menu system. [click to continue…]