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Online directories used to be a lot more popular a few years ago. Many of them got slapped by Google and went away. A few top ones changed their business model. Niche directories are specially in demand as long as you target the right market. SpotFinder happens to be an attractive WordPress theme for directories. It is a child theme for Directory but introduces many changes to categories, homepage, and details pages to set your site apart.

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There is no doubt that WooCommerce is one of the most powerful and versatile WordPress plugins around. It makes it so easy to turn a WordPress site into an online store. You are going to need a decent theme to make your store stand out. If you happen to be looking for a one-page theme, you should give these WooCommerce themes a look:


Memento: a lightweight and highly customizable one-page WordPress template with support for WooCommerce. It also comes with a premium slider, Content Timeline, and Frontend Builder plugins. [click to continue…]


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The world of SEO has changed a lot over the past couple of years. But you can still drive traffic from Google and other search engines if you keep your site optimized. You shouldn’t forget about top social networking sites though. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest can all drive a ton of traffic to your website. You should track how often your posts are getting shared already to get a better idea how to optimize your content for social media. Social Metrics Tracker for WordPress is an interesting plugin that shows which of your posts are the most popular based on social media stats.

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In the past few months, we have covered many quality Bitcoin plugins and tools here. Bitcoin is certainly not for everyone at this time, but there are many businesses accepting it as a form of payment. You could use it to sell digital / physical products and even ad space. Banner Manager for WordPress is just the plugin you need to sell banners on your site in return for Bitcoins.


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In the past few years, we have covered many ways you can go about testing various website elements to improve your conversion rate. You should test your page titles too! Sometimes your posts might get more attention with a magnetic secondary title. We have seen a bunch of themes that offer the feature by default. Secondary Title happens to be a lightweight plugins that adds a secondary title to themes that don’t have it already.

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Many of us are passionate about certain sports. If you love blogging and don’t mind covering your favorite sport professionally, there is no reason you shouldn’t start your own website. WordPress can help you bring your site online and manage your content easily. There are plenty of themes that can give your site a professional look. These 8 WordPress plugins can also help your cause:


Personal Livescore: enables you to run a live scoring system on your site. It does not require a third party account to work. It is mobile and tablet compatible too. [click to continue…]


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Many WordPress webmasters upload one image after another to their website without taking time to organize their uploads directory. In most cases, you don’t need to since WordPress does all the hard work for you. But folders that have thousands of files could cause performance issues on your server. In fact, there are many web hosts that put a limit on the number of files you can have in any given directory. Considering that some themes create multiple thumbnail images for each file you upload, you don’t have to be too active to end up with too many images in your WordPress Uploads sub-directories. Here are 2 plugins you can use to move images around and better organize your folders:

custom upload directory

Custom Upload Dir: this plugin lets you organize your uploaded files in a smarter fashion. You can construct paths from post title, category, post date, and more. [click to continue…]