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In this day and age, more people are finding job opportunities online. While there are plenty of job hunting sites available, if you have a unique value proposition, there is no reason you shouldn’t build your own job directory. JobInn is a premium theme that lets you connect job hunters and recruiters on your site.

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December 4th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Plenty of companies rely on affiliates to promote their products and grow their sales. You don’t need to spend a fortune to start your own affiliate program. Plugins such as Ultimate Affiliate Pro are designed to let you manage affiliates and generate more leads for your site.

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December 3rd in Wordpress Plugins by .

So you want to upload your book to your WordPress site and display it in a more dynamic fashion? WP Booklet for WordPress has you covered. It is a handy plugin that lets you create magazine-like pages. It has a bunch of built-in themes, but you can always create your own.

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It is no secret that you can use WordPress to build any type of website, with the right tools. Plenty of membership sites are powered by this content management system. If you are looking to start your own membership WordPress site, you should give these plugins a look:


MemberPress: a versatile plugin for managing your membership products. It gives you control over access rules and lets you track subscriptions and transactions like a pro. You also get reports, member management, and promotional tools. [click to continue…]


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Twitter can drive a ton of traffic to your website if you play your cards right. Having magnetic shareable content is important, but you also need to make it easy for your visitors to share your posts with their friends. Click & Tweet for WordPress is handy plugin that lets you turn phrases or sentences into easily tweetable links.

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November 30th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Planning to promote events on your website? You are going to need a decent event scheduling and booking system. Modern Events Calendar for WordPress is an event management system with a modern design that lets you display one-day or longer events on your site. It lets you add events to Google Calendar and display repeating events. It features Google Maps integration.

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You may not get a lot of traffic from other countries when your site is new. As it grows, you will get visitors and hackers from around the world noticing your website. These 5 geo-targeting plugins let you redirect, target, or ban your visitors based on their country:


IP Geo Block: blocks spam, login attempts, and malicious requests from specific countries. [click to continue…]