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Job directory sites have been around for a long time. Many of us have relied on them to find candidates for open positions or apply for a job. If you are not satisfied with the job sites available, you could always create your own. The Jobs Directory Theme can help. It is a premium theme that turns your site into a job listing directory.

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All businesses need to have an online presence these days. That applies to mechanics, car wash centers, and other car related business. The Car Wash theme is a responsive theme designed for car wash businesses. This 2-column theme has blog and portfolio functionality. It is coded in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.


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Every business needs to have an online presence these days. That applies to jewelry stores as well. WooCommerce makes it easy to sell digital and physical products online. Thanks to Jewelrica for WordPress, you can give your site a professional look. The theme is Visual Composer ready. It supports video, audio, image, and other post formats.

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Many of us started our first site without a privacy policy or Terms of Service page. But it’s not wise for an established website not to have those pages. Even if you are not a legal expert, there are many tools you can rely on to generate a generic privacy policy page for your site. Legull for WordPress can help. It is a WordPress plugin that generates a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your site.

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Many of us have started online businesses focused on areas we are passionate about. If you are passionate about pets and their health, there is no reason you shouldn’t start a business or site about it. These 15 pet care themes help you give your pet-related site a professional makeover:


Pet Care Kennels: this theme is designed for pet focused businesses. It is responsive and fairly easy to customize with a drag & drop page builder. [click to continue…]


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In the past few months, we have covered many quality popular, similar, and random posts plugins. Want a plugin that shows more accurate results? These 3 WordPress plugins use Google Analytics data to display top posts:


Google Analytics Top Content Widget: adds a widget to your site, allowing to display to posts in your sidebar based on Google Analytics data. [click to continue…]


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Bringing a killer product to the market is not something that can happen overnight. Some entrepreneurs work hard for months and years to bring a new product to the market. If you happen to be working on an exciting product, you don’t want to botch the launch process. In fact, setting up a “coming soon” website to keep your prospects up-to-date with your efforts is a good idea. Hatch for WordPress happens to be a professional theme that lets you create a temporary landing page for your upcoming products.

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