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Many webmasters share videos on their website on a regular basis. You don’t even have to be a video producer to have video content to share with your audience. You need to make sure your website is video friendly if you plan to share lots of videos on it. The Slimvideo theme happens to be a dynamic theme for online communities. It has multiple video layouts and custom widgets. You get a drag & drop layout builder to customize your site. [click to continue…]


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Many of us rely on WordPress plugins to add more features to our websites. You certainly shouldn’t download just any plugin you find. Paying attention to your site’s performance after installing new plugins is important. These 5 plugins are designed to help you organize your WordPress plugins and improve your site’s performance:


Plugin Organizer: this plugin is designed to change the order your plugins are loaded. It lets you disable plugins by any post type. [click to continue…]


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There are plenty of awesome tech-related websites available online. If you are passionate about technology and have unique takes to share with the world, there is no reason you shouldn’t start your own tech blog or magazine. These 20 tech magazine themes can help you give your website a professional look:


Techwise: a drag & drop tech magazine theme with mega-menus, minisites, trending topics, and a whole host of other features to keep your readers engaged. [click to continue…]


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Diving is not everyone’s favorite activity, but it is a lot of fun. Many folks are passionate about it and keep up with the latest diving news and gear all the time. Whether you cover the latest diving news or sell diving gear, you need to have a good looking website to leave a good impression on your visitors. The Diving WooCommerce theme can help. It lets you sell diving equipment online.

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Have you ever made changes to the code of a theme or plugin and lost it after updating by accident? It could happen easily if you are not careful. There are child themes and other ways to perform changes to your code without having to worry about losing them. Take Lock Your Updates Plugins/Themes Manager for instance. It is a plugin designed to lock your themes and plugins from being updated.

lock your updates [click to continue…]


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WordPress is a pretty intuitive content management system. It makes managing and organizing your content easy. You don’t have to struggle to re-order your pages. The Simple Page Ordering plugin makes it even easier to re-order your pages and custom post types. Just drag & drop your pages to change their order.

page order

The plugin is designed to make it easier to re-order your pages. Only users with the appropriate rights will be able to edit content though. The plugin won’t be compatible with regular posts. It also may not work in older browsers. Nevertheless, if you need a simple way to re-order your pages, the Simple Page Ordering has you covered.


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In the past few years, we have covered various themes and plugins that let you build pet-related sites, run adoption services, and share pet-related content with your audience. Petshopper happens to be an e-commerce theme for pet products. It lets you maintain a blog and promote pet supplies on your site. The theme is responsive.

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