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Have you ever needed to duplicate a bunch of posts, pages, or even menus? Doing so manually is not the best way to use your time. Here are 5 plugins that let you duplicate WordPress posts, menus, and even data:


Widget Clone: this plugin lets you duplicate your favorite widgets with all their settings intact. [click to continue…]


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In the past few months, we have covered plenty of job board themes for WordPress sites. They allow you to bring job hunters and recruiters together on your site and earn money in the process. Joby is a child theme for JobRoller that gives your job hunting site a responsive, clean makeover. It comes with 8 color schemes and 4 homepage variations.

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January 18th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Running a WordPress website properly comes with certain responsibilities. Optimizing your database and getting rid of unused and obsolete data is one way to keep your site in a better shape. Advanced Database Cleaner for WordPress is a handy plugin that cleans up your database from drafts, revisions, orphaned postmeta, and spam comments.

database-cleaner [click to continue…]


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Many freelancers and workers track how they use their time on a daily basis. There are plenty of online tools and apps that let you do that easily. Post Worktime Logger for WordPress is a simple plugin that allows you to track how long you have worked on a post.

post-worktime [click to continue…]


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Pursuing a career as a real estate professional can be quite lucrative if you have the drive and passion for buying and selling homes. Whether you are an agent or a broker, you need to have an online presence to showcase properties and connect with potential customers. Bellaina is a responsive, powerful theme powered by Cherry Real State plugin that lets you promote your projects and properties professionally.

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WooCommerce makes selling your own physical and digital goods online easy. In certain cases, it makes sense to offer weight-based shipping for physical products. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping is a simple extensions that lets you add multiple shipping rules to account for heavier products and different destinations.

woocommerce-weight-based-shipping [click to continue…]


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Telegram is an instant messaging service with encryption. The service reached over 100 million monthly active users in 2016. If you use Telegram on a regular basis, you may want to check out these Telegram plugins:


Telegram Bot & Channel: lets you stream your content to Telegram, build bots, and pass commands. [click to continue…]