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So you want to sell furniture items online or just promote your local store? You are going to need an attractive website. The Abrahams furniture store theme has you covered. It is a WooCommerce theme that lets you create an online furniture shop. It is responsive and ready for Retina displays.

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As webmasters, we all would love to find ways to manage our sites better and encourage our visitors to come back for more. Sending your visitors notifications about important updates is one way to grab their attention. Here are a few plugins you can rely on to manage WordPress notifications:


Better Notifications: lets you send customizable e-mails to your users. It supports new comments, registrations, posts, and other events. [click to continue…]


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Facebook is still the king of social networks with over 1 billion monthly active users. Many webmasters are active on the site, sharing updates with their fans and followers. Thanks to plugins such as Ditty Facebook Ticker, you can share your Facebook updates with your website visitors in a dynamic fashion.

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It is no secret that WordPress developers need to know their PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and other web technologies to develop solid scripts and themes. They shouldn’t have to do everything from scratch though. Here are 20+ tools and plugins that make life easier for WP developers:


Demo Bar: this plugin lets you display different theme demos for your audience to try. [click to continue…]


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Have you ever seen WordPress sites with infinite scrolling and wanted to implement it on your own site? Experienced coders can always do it their own way. If you don’t feel like writing any code, you may want to give Ajax Load More a look. This is a free plugin that adds infinite scrolling to your site. [click to continue…]


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Many of us have shared 2D images on our websites in the past. In certain cases, it is better to display 3D images on your site to allow your visitors to interact and further explore what you have to offer. Canvasio3D is one of many plugins you can use to get it done.

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In the past few months, we have covered plenty of awesome e-commerce themes and WooCommerce plugins that let you build a store and showcase your products online. Not everyone has a large selection of products to sell though. If you are planning to promote and sell a small number of products online, you may want to give Quark for WordPress a look.

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