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It is not a secret that WooCommerce is one of the best e-commerce plugins around. It enables you to start selling digital or physical products quickly. What’s neat about it is the fact that you get plenty of extensions to choose form to enhance your e-commerce site. WooMapper happens to be a premium plugin that lets you add pins to images on your site and link them directly to your WooCommerce products.

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Online job boards have been around for quite a long time. Many folks have used them to find new opportunities. You may not have the resources to challenge the top players in this space, but starting a niche job board for your audience is another way to better serve your community. Here are 18 job board themes you can use to connect employers and job hunters on your site:


Jobify: a job board theme with front-end submissions and WooCommerce integration. It is fully responsive and translation ready. It is powered by the WP Job Manager plugin. [click to continue…]


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Many magazine, portfolio, and premium WordPress themes rely on featured images to display content in an attractive fashion. In a perfect world, nobody has to deal with any thumbnail issues while using a new WordPress theme, but that’s not reality. Here are 5 plugins you can use to handle featured image issues:

quick images

Quick Featured Images: this plugin lets you set, change, and delete featured images in bulk. It is simply a time saver. [click to continue…]


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Many of us are passionate about taking care of our pets. It is very natural to see pet lovers start a business promoting pet products or offering pet-related services. You are going to need a good looking website to leave a good first impression on your visitors. Paws & Claws happens to be a premium theme for pet clinic websites. It has a responsive, retina ready design and can be customized fairly easily.

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Developing an iOS/Android application can be challenging and fun. In order to have success as an app developer, you need to promote your app aggressively. These 7 one-page app landing page themes can help you build a site for your app quickly:


Appdev: provides you with single and multi-page options to build a responsive site for your app. It has a modern menu, parallax backgrounds, a mobile slider, and more. [click to continue…]


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Plenty of folks produce articles, videos, podcast programs, and other types of content to keep growing their business. If your site is built around your own or other people’s videos, you need to get a theme that makes it easier for your visitors to find and watch videos. Video Theme for WordPress is a premium theme with an attractive design, like/dislike feature, and a whole host of other features to keep folks on your site longer.

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Running an e-commerce site is not an easy task. It is true that WooCommerce makes it so easy to create and manage an online store. But you will still need great products and a solid strategy to attract more visitors. Offering support for more payment methods on your site is certainly a good idea. But what if you want to encourage your visitors to use a certain payment method over the others? The WooCommerce Discounts Per Payment Method plugin has you covered.

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