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All webmasters are always looking for new ways to monetize their content. Accepting donations is one way to keep your blog going. We have already covered plenty of PayPal and Bitcoin plugins that make it easier for authors to accept donations. ChangeTip is a tad bit different. It lets your visitors show their appreciation for your content by sending you small tips in various ways.


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August 31st in Wordpress Plugins by .

When you are running one or two sites, it is not that hard to update all the plugins you have installed. Things get a bit more complicated when you have multiple sites with different themes and plugins that require updates on a regular basis. These 3 plugin update managers let you easily manage your plugin/theme and automatic updates:


Easy Updates Manager: lets you manage your WordPress updates, including plugin, theme, and core updates. You can choose whether you want to get major or minor releases. [click to continue…]


August 30th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many of us try new plugins all the time. If you make changes to your plugins regularly, you may want to take notes to make sure you can remember those changes in the future. These 3 plugins let you add notes to your plugins:


Lock Your Updates: this plugin lets you lock your plugins and themes from being updated and keep notes on the reason. [click to continue…]


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Have you ever uploaded an image to your site only to wish you had a way to quickly rename it without having to use a FTP client?  Let’s not forget that when you rename an image, you will need to change its links in your posts as well. Media File Renamer Plugin can help. It is a simple tool that lets you rename your media files by updating their title. It also updates their links.

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Many webmasters rely on WooCommerce to sell physical or digital products online. Worried about your files or images being stolen by unethical webmasters without attribution? You could always watermark your digital files. These 3 plugins can help with that:


WaterWoo PDF Plugin: lets you apply custom watermarks to your PDF files. You can manipulate your watermarks easily. [click to continue…]


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Every business needs to have an online presence these days. Your customers will expect to be able to find your business online. Besides, you are going to have a hard time taking your local marketing campaigns to the next level without a good looking site. We have covered many attractive business themes here in the past. Car Zone happens to be a commercial theme for towing and car repair shops. It has 5 header styles, multiple layouts, and various custom widgets.

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As webmasters, we are all looking for ways to stay in touch with our readers and bring them back to our website for more. One way to do that is by sending push notifications to desktop computers. These 4 plugins allow your website to send notifications to Chrome or Safari:

push monkey

Push Monkey: sends Safari push notifications to desktop computers to keep your visitors engaged. It also provides you with usage and engagement data. [click to continue…]