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Every business or professional needs to have an online presence these days. That applies to lawyers. Defender is a modern theme designed for law firms, attorneys, and other professionals in mind. It has a clean design with a smooth user interface. It is fully responsive and powered by Tesla framework. The theme comes bundled with premium scripts.

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Most webmasters are always testing new ways to monetize their website without turning off their visitors. While I am not a big fan of in-image ads, many top sites have had success with it. Here are a few plugins that let you add ads to your images:


Adverty: lets you add text, ads, and other content inside your images. For instance, you can use it to tag objects with hints. [click to continue…]


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Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking sites around. Many users are contributing amazing content to the community on a daily basis. Want to build your own Pinterst-like site covering your favorite topics? PostBoard has you covered. It is a dynamic grid based theme with a responsive and mobile friendly design.

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Running events without a hitch is not always easy. In order for your events to get the attention they deserve, you need to promote them properly. EventOn can help with that. It is a premium plugin that lets you display all your events on your website. It is highly customizable and comes with widgets and shortcodes.

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WooCommerce makes it much easier to bring your store online and start selling products. There are plenty of extensions that can enhance your store’s capabilities. These 5 WooCommerce plugins help you with your invoicing needs:


WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: a plugin that adds a PDF invoice to order confirmation e-mails sent to customers. You can create and modify your own templates. [click to continue…]


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Managing a growing WordPress community comes with many challenges. In some cases, it makes sense to monitor admin / user activity to identify suspicious patterns. User Activity Log for WordPress can help. It is a simple tool that helps you keep an eye on content updates, file uploads, plugin/theme activation and deactivation, and other activities.

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Selling your own products online is much easier these days. There are already plenty of marketplaces available for selling used electronics, e-books, handcrafted items, and everything else. You could also sell your products on your own site. Book Author for WordPress is one of many themes you can use to start selling products online. It has a responsive, customizable design.

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