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With more people using ad blocking solutions to browse websites these days, webmasters are looking for new ways to make money. Selling individual posts is one way to do that. Here are 4 plugins that let you sell your WordPress posts:


LaterPay: lets you sell digital contents easily. You can set different price types for your posts (by category or individually). [click to continue…]


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Event directories and apps have been around for quite some time. They make it easier for people to find interesting events around them. Planning to start your own event portal? Event Guide for WordPress can help. It is a fully responsive theme with a drag & drop page builder and over 30 elements to help you build your site faster.

event-guide [click to continue…]


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All WordPress webmasters are familiar with the publish, preview, and save draft buttons. Improved Save Button for WordPress is a plugin that adds a new Save button, allowing webmasters to save the current post and move to another one fast. Users can save posts and move to preview, next, or new posts.

Improved-Save-Button [click to continue…]


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Every business needs to have an online presence these days. That applies to food markets and farms. KraussersFarm is a premium theme with a responsive design for farms. It comes with Visual Composer and Revolution / Swiper sliders to allow you to build custom pages and showcase your goods and services.

KraussersFarm [click to continue…]


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Many of us use free plugins from the directory to power our sites. Not all these plugins remain in the directory or get updated regularly. Thanks to No Longer in Directory, you can identify removed plugins fast. It also shows old plugins that haven’t been updated in over two years.

No-Longer-in-Directory [click to continue…]


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In the past few months, we have covered plenty of useful online directory themes. Want to build a website to cover local food business? Food Guide for WordPress has you covered. It is a commercial theme that lets you add restaurants and other food places to your online directory. The theme comes with a fully responsive design and drag & drop page builder.

foodguide [click to continue…]


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Running a growing WordPress community comes with many challenges. Keeping up with pending, future, and private posts for admins could become a challenge as their site grows. Plugins such as Colored Admin Post List make it easier for you to manage your posts.

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