4 Text-to-Speech Plugins for WordPress

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It is no secret that not everyone has time to read every word you write. They may be able to listen to your articles if you give them the option.  Thanks to these text-to-speech plugins, you can convert your content into spoken words:

Currently Trending Themes

GSpeech: lets users listen to selected text on your site. Webmasters can set greeting audio for their visitors. More than 50 languages are supported.

Amazon Polly: one of our favorite TTS plugins. It adds realistic text-to-speech feature to your site. The good new? The service is free for 5 million characters per month.

ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech: a HTML5 based TTS plugin that adds voice to your website and supports 50+ languges with close to 170 voices.

Spoken Word: this TTS plugins lets your visitors listen to your WordPress content with playback controls, read-along highlighting, and rate/pitch/voice customization.

Have you found better text-to-speech WP plugins? Please share them here.

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