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When I started with my blog, I never intended to become a professional blogger. I had a decent job and blogging about WordPress and other technology topics was my passion. But I never thought I’d be able to quit my job and focus solely on my blog for a living. Fast forward a couple of years and my old job is a distant memory. Professional blogging may sound easy from the outside, but you never truly grasp its challenges unless you are doing it yourself. One of the biggest challenges of pro blogging is the fact that you could get stuck at home or in your office, blogging and researching for hours. That’s not only not healthy but could be depressing as well. That’s why I invested in a portable laptop to help me blog from all kinds of places. Whether it’s from a cafe or a park, it never hurts to have a laptop that you can take with you on the go.

There are plenty of laptops that you can buy for blogging. But I recommend getting one that is not too heavy. So you either want a netbook or a super slim laptop that comes with a long battery life. Here are 4 portable laptops that let you blog on the go without too much trouble:

MSI X340-021US Slim 13.4-Inch Laptop - Black

MSI X340-021US Slim 13.4-Inch Laptop: this is one of the slimmest laptops on the market. It comes with a powerful CPU and the screen size is not too small either. It only weighs 2.8 lbs. Super portable.

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK 10.1-Inch Black Netbook - 10.5 Hour Battery Life

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BK Netbook: a super portable, shiny netbook that gives you 10.5 hours of battery life per charge. 10.5″ screen is a bit too small for me, but this is great for doing work at a park. [click to continue…]


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So what makes top bloggers different from the ones who struggle to make any progress no matter how they try? Top bloggers tend to outwork and outsmart their rivals. And they don’t do it by working 20 hours a day. They just better use their time to get more done in less time. One way to do that is by using gadgets that can help you better do your research and blog on the go. A lot of bloggers get inspired when they are traveling or walking around. Whatever the case, it always pays to have the proper gadgets with you to write and posts blogs on the go.

There are plenty of gadgets that you can buy to become a more productive blogger, but here are the tools that I use for my own blogs:

Netbook: I personally own an Toshiba Mini NB205-N210 Netbook. It’s compact, easy to carry around, and great for blogging at events and on the go. You can always blog on an iPhone, but it’s all more convenient on Toshiba Mini.

iPhone: the iPhone is great for folks who are constantly on the go. It’s the best smart-phone on the market overall and makes it easy to take pictures and videos and post them to your social media accounts or your website. You can also blog on it using top blogging apps.

Kindle: Amazon Kindle has been a life saver for me. It has helped me keep up with my industry in a much faster fashion. I don’t have to wait days to get the books I want to read. Not only that, I don’t have to pay a shipping price on the books I buy. A few dollars here or there adds up very quickly. [click to continue…]

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HP KQ245AA Premium Autofocus Webcam

These days more people are putting videos on their blogs to provide more value or entertainment to their visitors. In fact, there are many super bloggers that create videos on a daily basis. I personally like to stick more with text blogging and use videos to complement my articles. Whatever your choice, in order to take videos easily on the go, you are going to need a decent camcorder. A few years ago, you would have to spend thousands of dollars to get a decent quality camcorder, which wasn’t even that portable. These days, you’ve got iPhone 3GS and all these cool mini HD camcorders that make it so easy to capture videos on the go.

Mini camcorders are especially attractive these days. They are very portable, and they make it so easy to upload videos to sites such as YouTube. Best of all, you don’t have to spend too much money to get your hands on a decent quality camcorder. So there are no excuses for not capturing decent quality videos on the go. If you are looking for a mini camcorder to take your own blog to the next level, you should try these 5 mini camcorders:

Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 HD Camcorder (Silver)

Sony Webbie MHS-PM1 HD Camcorder: a killer camcorder that lets you take HD quality videos on the go. It’s a 1080p camcorder that is very portable and gets the job done on the go.

Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera (Black)

Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera: the latest Kodak HD Mini camcorder is better and more powerful than ever. It can take 1080p videos on the go and has more connectivity options.

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