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Developing the perfect landing page is not something you can get done in one night. Whether you are using WordPress to host your landing page or just using plain HTML, you want to take time to test every element on your page to improve your conversion rate. Landing page developers should make their pages for their audience and not the search engines. These 5 landing page infographics provide you with a few tips on how to improve your work:

12 Step Landing Page Rehab Program: this infographic by unbounce includes a step by step guideline to help you improve your landing page’s conversion rate. [click to continue…]


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There are many reasons webmasters should adopt WordPress as their content management system. Having access to thousands of plugins available for this platform is a pretty good reason. Plugins can enhance your site’s functionality and enhance your visitors experience on it. We have already listed plenty of search engine optimization, social media, security, cache, and other types of plugins on WP JEDI. Going through all these lists can take a bit of time though. That’s why we have put together the below infographic to help webmasters download the most essential plugins for their sites as fast as possible.


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