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Apple iPad is one magical tablet. It has plenty of features for business owners, bloggers, and anyone else and can be used for entertainment, education, and business purposes. Unfortunately, not all WordPress websites are 100% compatible with iPad. Blogging from an iPad is not going to be too easy unless you have the right app installed on your tablet. As a webmaster, you owe it to your business to do everything you can to make your website as iPad friendly as possible. It’s just a no brainer move.  These 5 WordPress products for iPad can help:

PadPressed: a theme (or plugin if you want to call it that) that turns your WordPress website into a native iPad or something close to it. It’s very dynamic and can make almost any website iPad friendly.

WordPress for iOS: need I say more? This iPad application gives you an easy way to keep up with your WordPress website when you are on the move.

iPad-Widget: inserts your image on the top of an iPad image. Pretty useful if you want to share what you are reading on your iPad (or anything else you are done). [click to continue…]

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