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There are plenty of awesome themes available to WordPress users. Not everyone is an experienced JavaScript and CSS developer to perform simple customization jobs. Themes such as Construction give you a drag & drop customizer, allowing you to change many elements quickly.

Construction WordPress Theme [click to continue…]


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August 3rd in Wordpress Tips by .

In order to develop themes and plugins, you need to understand WordPress and its structure. That’s not all though. Familiarity with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is also required. We have already covered sites that teach you WordPress, PHP, and CSS coding in an interactive fashion. These 10 interactive JavaScript coding sites can help you become a better JavaScript developer in a shorter period of time:


Codeschool: uses video lessons and coding challenges to teach you iOS development, JavaScript, CSS, and other technologies. [click to continue…]


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May 2nd in Wordpress Tips by .

Developing a WordPress theme from scratch does not have to be difficult. But you do need to know about various technologies to build a sophisticated theme. It is very much the same case if you are interested in heavily modifying your existing theme. These cheat sheets should help you get a refresher on some of these web technologies.

PHP Cheat Sheets

You can’t get started with WordPress programming without mastering PHP. PHP is a very simple language to learn but could take a bit of time to master. These PHP cheat sheets should help you get on your way:

PHP Cheat Sheet (V2): a classic cheat sheet that shows you how to handle PHP programming more effectively. Not a bad reference to have around.

PHP Application Security Checklist: every PHP developer should pay attention to their code and keep it as secure as possible. This check list could prove helpful in that regard.

PHP & MySQL For Dummies: a simple cheat sheet that shows you how you can create dynamic websites by taking advantage of PHP + MySQL. [click to continue…]


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