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Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. Millions of people keep up with the Premiere League, La Liga, and other top leagues. If you are passionate about Football, there is no reason you shouldn’t start your own site. But you need to have a plan to succeed. People don’t go to soccer site just to read your opinion. You should also provide the latest coverage of the games. Plugins like Soccer Live Scores can only help. It allows you to include live soccer scores in your posts, pages, and custom posts.

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Soccer Live Scores supports real-time results. It retrieves the results that you add in the back and updates them quickly (thanks to AJAX). Of course, you can just add scores without relying on the real-time scoring capability. The plugin lets you add team information, create events, and embed matches inside your posts. You can also customize the way the plugin looks easily.


Soccer Live Scores does not do all the work for you but makes it much easier to prepare match reports and share live updates with your audience. The script is also compatible with responsive designs. If you are starting a soccer site, this plugin can save you lots of time.

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