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So you want to build a website about movies? Adding movies one by one manually is not going to be convenient. WordPress Movies Bulk Importer is one of many plugins you can rely to import movies into your site. This particular plugin works with the TMDb API to let you add and display movie information on your site. You can perform advanced searches and choose how many movies to import per page.

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Movie Automator

I am personally not a big fan of blog automation. If you are a serious blogger, you want to minimize blog automation as much as possible. Your personality and your tone can’t be automated on your blog. So if you are a true pro blogger and don’t want to turn your readers off, you want to make sure that you take time to communicate with your readers through your very own words.

But there are exceptions to this rule. What if you wanted to create a movie blog to review the latest Hollywood movies? If you go through the list one by one and blog about them, you are going to spend a lot of time getting movie information down. It’s not only not productive, but it sets you back hours with your work.


That’s why I love solutions such as MovieAutomater. It’s true that MovieAutomater is a hardcore automation service for WordPress. But it does save you time as it imports all the information you need to create a huge movie portal. You are going to spend less time worrying about where to grab the information and more blogging about your favorite movies.

Here is what you get with MovieAutomater:

  • Import more than 1 million movies from imdb
  • Blog Posting Schedule
  • Import Movie Poster
  • Import Movie Plot
  • Import Director Name
  • Import Release Data
  • Import Run Time
  • Import Country
  • Import Genre
  • Import Tagline
  • Import Trivia
  • Import Goofs


Importing movies to your WordPress blog can’t be much easier. If you have bought a theme like VideoFlick and are not sure how to build up your blog fast, you should definitely consider MovieAutomator. You can import thousands of movies into your blog within seconds and spend most of your time writing content instead of doing the dirty work.


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