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We all link to our own posts and other people’s works on our websites. You don’t need to be technical to pull that off. You should consider opening the links on your website in a new window to make sure people don’t forget to come back to your website. In certain situations, it is better to open your links as a popup. These plugins let you implement that on your site without any coding:

alligator pop

Alligator Popup: adds links to pages and posts and opens them in a popup window. Just use its shortcode to change the behavior of links on your site. [click to continue…]


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Not everyone is a fan of popups. In fact, most of us hate those annoying popups and use various tools to avoid them. There is a good reason many top sites use popups though. They use them to get more people to sign up for their newsletters, join their Facebook page, and take advantage of limited time deals. We have tested plenty of awesome popup plugins in the past few months. Ninja Popups has worked the best for us considering the fact that it supports the most popular newsletter services (such as AWeber and MailChimp) and can serve as a social network locker.

ninja popups [click to continue…]


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Have you seen some of those WordPress sites that come with beautiful pop-ups when you open them up? While I am not a fan of pop-ups, I can understand why some folks use them to promote their newsletters or products. In reality, you don’t need a program to create popups for your WordPress blog. But you’ve got to know your HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you have no idea how to write code, you should probably use a solution such as LightPop.


Let’s say you have a Aweber account, and you want to post your newsletter code to your blog as a popup. As you can see in the above picture, you can easily post your code to LightPop’s code area, and it’s automatically converted to a popup. What I like about LightPop is the fact that it allows you to make your popups less annoying. You can redefine the behavior of your popup so that it shows up only the first time someone visits your site. You can even define a certain hour each day to show your popup.

LightPop is a simple but very flexible plugin that allows you to create popups for your WordPress sites fast. If you don’t know any coding, you won’t have to sweat it with LightPop.


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