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March 6th in Wordpress Plugins by .

WordPress has a great community all around it. There are thousands of developers who write code for WordPress, and many of them share their plugins with the world for free. Of course, not everything can be free, and there is a place for premium plugins as well. You can always find cool plugins through Google search. That’s a good place to start, but you should not miss WP Plugins when you are searching for new plugins to install on your blog. WP Plugins is a WordPress app store that gives you access to small and not-so-small developers that specialize in developing premium plugins.

WP Plugins is a store that comes handy for both developers and publishers. Small developers can easily submit their plugins to the store and start accumulating cash from their work. As a developer, you will have work a bit to develop the perfect page for your plugin. You want to include screen-shots, add proper description, and promptly answer your prospects’ questions when they contact you. You don’t have to have the best plugin to start selling using this service. I have seen plugins being sold for as low as $3. But you do want to pay attention to your code and the quality of your work.

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