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There are many WordPress webmasters who don’t get too excited when it comes to editing their code. The more you know about PHP, HTML, and other WordPress-related technologies, the better off you will be though. You could always write and test code snippets on your computer/server. But if you plan to spend a lot of time on the road with your tablet or smartphone device, you are going to need one of these code editors:

Textastic Code Editor: one of the most versatile code editors for iPad. It offers support for plenty of languages, including PHP, Perl, SQL, and HTML. It supports SFTP and FTPS too.

Code ToGo: lets you write and run code in your favorite programming language on iPhone and iPad. PHP, JavaScript, and many other languages are supported. [click to continue…]

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Starting a WordPress blog does not necessarily mean that you are going to have success with it. In order to become a successful webmaster, you need to keep track of your website’s statistics at all times and keep an eye out for problem areas with your website. That’s where Analytics HD app is helpful. It’s a very simple to use and powerful iPad application that gives you an overview of what’s happening on your blog. Whether you are interested in finding out how your website is performing over a specific period of time or just want to find out what your top posts are, Analytics HD has you covered. It looks good on an iPad, which helps as well.

Analytics HD takes advantage of Google Analytics to help you run reports on the move and keep track of everything that matters on your blog. Whether you are interested in finding out who’s referring whom to your blog or just want to make sure you are targeting the right search engines, Analytics HD’s got a report for you.

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