Credit Tracker: Track Image Credits On Your Website

February 6th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many bloggers post images, infographics, videos, and other content to their websites on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all of them give proper credit. That’s a bad practice and can get them in trouble. WordPress already has everything you need to publish content online faster. Credit Tracker is a useful plugin that lets you manage images and their attribution on your website more efficiently.

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credit tracker

Credit Tracker lets you create credit tables to easily track images you have added to your website and their accreditation. It also adds a few extra fields to make your job easier (e.g Publisher, License, Source, …). You can configure copyright format string. Not surprisingly, you can fully customize the look to make it fit your website’s style.


Credit Tracker doesn’t do all the hard work for you but it helps you stay on track when you are using other people’s works on your website. It could be a time saver if you ever get into trouble for some reason.

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