OrderMetrics: Find Your Highest & Lowest Profit WooCommerce Orders

November 19th in Wordpress Plugins by .

WooCommerce may make it easy to bring your store online but you will have to keep a close eye on your operation to make sure it stays afloat. After all, if your business is not making a profit for a long time, you will struggle to keep going regardless of which plugins or platforms you use to run your store. OrderMetrics is a profit analytics plugin for WooCommerce that helps you find your highest and lowest profit orders.

OrderMetrics allows you to view profit per order, product, shipping method, and campaign. The cost of goods data can be uploaded manually or as a spreadsheet. A Chrome extension is available for syncing product and shipping costs from AliExpress. You can also take into account ad costs and custom costs such as influencer marketing spend and software fees.

Thanks to this plugin, you can edit transaction fees for each of your payment gateways. It brings order data, COSS, advertising fees, and shipping costs together to give you a clearer picture of your business.

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