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Many businesses are leveraging social media for lead generation. Most folks expect to find credible businesses on sites such as Twitter and Facebook anyway. One of the best ways to get more shares and likes is by offering your customers a discount for spreading the word about your business. These 5 social coupon plugins for WooCommerce let you do just that:


ShareYourCart: a  social coupon plugin for WooCommerce that helps you get more Facebook shares and Twitter tweets. Just choose how much discount you would like to offer for likes and tweets and keep an eye on your results. [click to continue…]


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September 14th in Premium Themes, Theme Lists, WordPress Themes by .

Coupon and deal websites are still very popular these days. You are going to have a hard time finding people who don’t like to save some money when they buy things. Running coupon sites can be very lucrative but also quite challenging. The perfect coupon theme should have tools to import your existing coupons, expire limited time deals automatically, work on smartphones and tablets, and offer many other features. Thanks to these 4 WordPress coupon themes, you can bring your coupon site or affiliate portal online fast:

Clipper: a super fast and attractive WordPress theme for coupon websites. It has 5 color schemes and makes managing your coupons easy. Its user feedback feature and statistical system are very helpful. [click to continue…]


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September 25th in Wordpress Coupons by .

If you are looking for cool themes to adopt on your WordPress site, today’s your lucky day. Lots of WordPress developers are offering discounts on their premium themes, and you can take advantage of these deals to build more websites for less money. Here is how to take advantage:

The WordPress coupon market changes on a consistent basis, but the below WP coupons and discounts should be valid for a while (of course, we will update the list as changes happen):


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March 15th in WP Stuff by .

Getting a premium theme for your WordPress blog is not an easy decision. You want to make sure you take time to get familiar with what all offers and try to find one that applies to your situation the best. You also don’t want to pay more than you have to get your hands on these themes. That’s where WordPress coupons can come in handy. Many theme developers give discounts on multiple purchases, and if you own more than one website, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t take advantage of these coupons.

The WordPress coupon market changes on a daily basis, but the below coupons should be valid for a while:

  • Gorilla Themes:
    • $30 off Developer Licenses + $10 off with Google Checkout

Watch this space for more WordPress coupons and discounts.

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December 25th in Wordpress Coupons by .

The year 2009 is ending, and there has never been a better time to pick up new themes to get ready for the new year, especially since many premium theme developers are giving discounts on their products. If you are looking for a premium WordPress theme, here are some holiday WP theme discounts you should take advantage of:

  • Templatic Premium Themes:
    • 25% club membership (coupon: “CHRISTMAS”)
    • 4 for the price of one (pick one and email to ask for the other 3)
  • WP Zoom:
    • All Themes for $199 (for holidays)
    • $50 off coupon (“50OFF”)
  • WooThemes:
    • 20% off on all subscriptions
  • Gorilla Themes:
    • $40 off all Developer Packages
    • $10 off with Google checkout

Most these deals expire at the end of the current year. Stay tuned for more WordPress deals.


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