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Have you ever uploaded an image to your site only to wish you had a way to quickly rename it without having to use a FTP client?  Let’s not forget that when you rename an image, you will need to change its links in your posts as well. Media File Renamer Plugin can help. It is a simple tool that lets you rename your media files by updating their title. It also updates their links.

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We all upload files to our WordPress sites almost every time we want to publish a new post. WordPress manages your uploaded files and gives you some options when it comes to editing and deleting your items from your media library. Renaming the files you have already uploaded without having to use a FTP or SSH client is not as easy as it should be. Thanks to these 3 plugins, you can rename your WordPress media faster:

rename file

Media Rename: this plugin allows you to change the name of your files after you have uploaded them to your WordPress site. [click to continue…]

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