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September 22nd in Wordpress Strategies, WP Stuff by .

Taking time to set up a WordPress blog is only one part of the story. You should also take time to optimize your posts for the search engines if you want to get free traffic to your blog posts and take your blog to the next level. But in order to do that, you are going to need a decent keyword tool that provides you with accurate keyword stats and data. You can always use Google Adwords tool, but if you are ready to take your blog to the next level, here are 6 keyword research tools you should try:

SpyFu: one of the best tools I have ever tried. This tool helps you figure out what other sites are trying to get ranked for and how you can too. Download your competitors keywords in minutes and get an edge over them fast.


Wordze: one of the better “classic” keyword research tools on the market. It tells you what keywords are getting how much traffic. A great way to find those hidden gems and optimize for keywords that are not too tough to get ranked for.

WordTracker: has been around for years. It’s a great tool if you are looking to expand your keyword list and find new keywords to target on your website. [click to continue…]


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