4 Effective A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress

March 15th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Split testing may not be the most advanced form of testing for those into landing page optimization. But it is simple and can be quite effective if done right. When it comes to WordPress, you are not just limited to testing your themes. Your plugins, headlines, and everything else can be tested too (if you have the time for it). Here are 4 plugins that let you do just that :

Max A/B: allows you to test multiple pages and keep track of their stats in the back-end. Supports an unlimited number of experiences and is free.

A/B Theme Testing: one of my favorite plugins. It is a premium plugin that allows you to test multiple themes to find out which one works the best for your business.

SES Theme Split Test: lets you put similar themes (with small differences) against each other to see whether the changes you have made make a difference.

Headline Split Tester: interested in optimizing your headlines for conversion? This cool plugin lets you set up alternative headlines and test them out.

How do you go about A/B testing on your WordPress website?

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