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Meet Groovy for WordPress. A colorful video blogging theme that lets you start your own video portal fast without having to spend too much money or time on development. Starting a video blog can be a challenge, and you’ve got to get a lot of things right for your video site to grow smoothly. The last thing you want to do worry about your website design or focusing too much on coding when you should spend it on developing good content.


Groovy is one of the best looking vlogging themes for WordPress. Not only it’s flexible and well-designed, it comes with 17 color schemes, enabling you to customize the look and feel of your vlog fast. Adding videos to Groovy is very easy to use. Your videos are automatically re-sized and embed code is provided for your readers as well. User ratings is also integrated into Groovy, making it easy for your readers to engage with your vlog and give you feedback on your videos.


Groovy is easy to customize, and you don’t need to be a coding genius to do it. The back-end comes with all the options you need to make changes without writing a piece of code. The theme is ad ready as well, so you can use it to make money from your sponsors or direct ads. Overall, Groovy is a vlogging theme designed for those interested in adopting a highly colorful theme for their video blogs. It’s easy to customize, and it comes integrated with everything you need to engage your readers and help them spread the word about your vlog. If you love vlogging and use WordPress to manage your vlog, you are going to love Groovy.


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Video Flick 2.0

The folks at Press75 are responsible for some of the best video blogging themes available for the WordPress platforms. All their theme are highly customizable and come packed with tons of features. The latest theme for vloggers is VideoFlick 2.0. VideoFlick 2.0 has gone through dramatic changes that makes it a more attractive choice for vloggers. Let’s see what’s inside.


Video Flick comes in two flavors: dark, and light. You can change your themes settings easily on the backend without doing too much work. The theme is highly customizable as well. The logo can be changed easily. You can add ratings below each video (if you prefer). As you can see in the above image, your home-page comes with your posts and their associated thumbnails. Thumbnails can be easily added through a custom-field in the back-end. The theme has been updated to support threaded comments and other WP 2.7 exclusive features.

Video Flick 2.0 supports a number of services and formats including,,,, Google Video, and FLV (Flash Video), and the designer is planning to support many more formats in the near future.


On your sidebar, you have your tags and you ad spots. You can easily update them in the back-end. You also have a section for featured videos on your sidebar. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to promote your top videos.


What I like about Video Flick 2.0 is the fact that it’s very easy to customize, and it can handle videos of all sizes. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s compatible with many video services. The theme is tailor-made for vloggers, which is why most of the features revolve around videos. The theme is going to cost you $75, which is very cheap for a such high quality theme. If you need more than one license, you may want to go for the unlimited package that gives you 5 additional cool themes + unlimited license for all of them. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Download VideoFlick 2.0 here.


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