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January 3rd in WordPress Themes by .

Every website on the Internet is hosted on some server. Growing a web hosting business requires a high level of reliability, close to 100% uptime, and providing fast, great support to customers. With HostHubs for WordPress, you can give your web hosting website a professional makeover. This is a WHMCS compatible theme with a responsive design.

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May 3rd in Theme Lists, WordPress Themes by .

There are plenty of web hosting businesses around these days. Not all of them offer a reliable service. Your focus as a web host should be to offer your customers a superior web hosting service. You are going to have a hard time attracting more customers if your website leaves a bad first impression on them. Here are 12 web hosting themes that let you give your business website a makeover:


FlatHost: this theme has a responsive design, a drag & drop page builder, a domain search form, and various custom widgets. It is compatible with the WHMCS-Bridge plugin. [click to continue…]


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October 19th in Premium Themes, WordPress Themes by .

In the past couple of months, a few folks have reached out to us asking about themes they could potentially use for their web hosting businesses. This is a very specific type of business, so finding developers that make themes specifically for this niche is not that easy. The good news is there are a handful of premium themes out there that you can use to promote your hosting business online in a more professional manner. These 8 hosting themes for WordPress can do the job:

Hostme theme: one of the most stylish hosting themes we have tested. It is highly dynamic. It has 80+ custom style short-codes and 10 custom widgets.

Hosting Pro: hands down the best web hosting theme we have tested. It is highly customizable and has a set of widgets to help you promote your business more effectively. The domain checker widget is a big plus.

WebHosting: one of the few themes designed specifically for web hosting businesses. It has 5 colorful skins and a powerful back-end. It takes advantage of short-codes and has multiple page templates.

Phenomenon theme: a highly customizable theme for hosting businesses. It has 34 shortcodes, 4 custom widgets, and 6 widgetized areas. It has dummy content to get you started quickly.

Epsilon Theme: it can be used for hosting and regular business sites. It has a clean design with focus on conversion.

HostingSquare: a highly customizable theme for WordPress. Adding your plans and testimonials to your site easier.

Fremium Saas II: designed for any business that offers multiple pricing tiers. It can work great for your hosting or any other service related business. [click to continue…]


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July 19th in Web Hosting by .

As someone who’s been around WordPress for years, I can tell you choosing the right web host can be the difference between succeeding and failing online. Whether you own a hobby blog or WordPress business website, you are going to need a host that is not only reliable but also comes with features that fit your business needs. A lot of WordPress bloggers tend to go with low priced web hosting service just to save money, thinking that there is no big difference between a $3 a month host and a $20 a month host. In some cases that may be true, but the majority of time you end up get what you pay for.

So what can go wrong with a cheap web host? You may have trouble keeping your site responsive if you have a lot of traffic. Worse, you may end up going over your bandwidth, storage, or resources limits, leading to more costs and your website possibly going down for long periods of time. As someone who’s experienced all the above headaches, I can tell you wouldn’t want any part of it. That’s why you should be careful which web hosting service you use to host WordPress.

There are many web hosting services around but not all are created equal. You want to make sure you pay attention to reliability and the restrictions that come with each hosting package. Unlimited bandwidth doesn’t mean anything if there is a limit put on your processing load. Besides, it would help if your web host is WordPress-friendly.

If you are looking for a cool web host for your WordPress website, here are 3 WordPress-friendly hosts you should try:

DreamHost is the hosting service that I have used for years to keep my sites up and running. The regular service is good for starters, but DreamHost PS is even more powerful and definitely worth trying for anyone hoping to build a popular WordPress website. It’s an on demand service that allows you to increase your resources as you need them. If you are getting more traffic for your server to handle, you can always increase your account’s limits to avoid your site from going down.

Justhost Hosting is another reliable hosting service that can help you provide keep your business website up at all times. You do want to go with a bit more expensive plans to give your website the chance to succeed. And you do get 99.9% reliability as promised.


WP Web Hosting is designed specifically for anyone who’s running a WordPress blog or plans to build a community with WordPress MU. While I don’t use this service for my regular blog, it’s a great way to get started with your MU communities. A lot of regular web hosts have trouble hosting WordPress MU, so it’s refreshing to see a service dedicated to doing just that.

There are many other good hosts out there, but since I have not tried them, I can’t vouch for their reliability. Everyone’s going to claim 99.9% up-time reliability and promise you a whole lot of good things. But you never know until you try them out. So don’t hesitate to use the money-back guarantees provided by some of these web hosts to get your funds back if the service is not up to the promised standards. Choosing a web host for WordPress is an important decision. Don’t take it lightly.


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