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Twitter is a great micro-blogging platform to use to promote your content and build new relationships. People share a ton of content on Twitter every single day. If you want your content to get more retweets, you need to make the sharing process easy for your visitors. Adding tweetable content blocks to your site is one way to do that. These 5 plugins let you add tweetables to your site fast:


Tweetable Text: makes your posts more shareable by allowing you to add a Tweet and Buffer button to key sentences on your site.


Tweetability: use its shortcode to make text in your posts tweetable with a single click. Its shortcode has various parameters you can use to customize how the script behaves. [click to continue…]

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Many online businesses rely on sponsorships and partnerships to stay alive and grow. To show your appreciation for your sponsors, you should consider displaying their logos and products on your website. You need basic knowledge of HTML to accomplish that. These WordPress plugins for sponsors can help:


Sponsors Carousel: displays thumbnail images and banners in a carousel on your website. You can set custom links for each image. It can be styled further with CSS. [click to continue…]


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January 16th in Wordpress Plugins by .

WordPress gives you the option to allow people to sign up for an account on your site. Unless you run a well-established community, you can probably keep that featured turned off. Once you allow people to register on your site, you are going to get trolls, spammers, and all kinds of dubious characters join your community. We have already covered tips and tricks for dealing with rogue users. Here are 3 plugins you can use to handle inactive users:

no posts

No Posts User Delete: deletes all users that have no posts. Just be careful how you use this as you do not want to go overboard. [click to continue…]


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December 6th in WordPress Themes by .

Churches and religious organizations need to have an online presence. Many of these organizations raise lots of money online for their cause. If you plan to follow a similar approach, you need to make sure your website looks good. Evangelist for WordPress is a good looking theme for church, charity, and prayer group sites. Evangelist has a responsive and clean design.

evangelist [click to continue…]


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December 3rd in Wordpress Plugins by .

The theme and plugins that you install might have vulnerabilities that could be used to seriously harm your website and business. Cross-site scripting attacks are particularly nasty. There are many ways to stop them but most people don’t take action before it is too late. For starters, I do encourage you to keep up with top WordPress security blogs to make sure you catch vulnerable plugins early. These 5 XSS plugins could also help make your website more secure:

cloud proxy

Sucuri: Sucuri has been one of our favorite WordPress security services for quite long time. You can install this premium plugin to harden WordPress fast. The CloudProxy service offers you even more protection. Not cheap but worth the money for established businesses. [click to continue…]


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November 14th in Theme Lists, WordPress Themes by .

As more businesses get serious about social media, we are seeing more people pursue a career in the field of social media marketing. Whether you are starting your own agency or want to be a part-time consultant, you need to have a good looking website for your business. Here are 10 social media marketing agency themes you can use to give your site a makeover:


Grind: a responsive Genesis and Thesis theme for business sites. It is easy to customize and has tools and templates to make your life as a marketer easier. [click to continue…]


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We have all dealt with WordPress search in the past. It might work fine when you are getting started. But you are going to need additional tools and scripts to offer the best search experience on your established website. Have you ever wanted to allow your visitors to search through comments on your site? These 3 comment search plugins have you covered:


Relevanssi: a better search solution for WordPress. Replaces the default search with partial-match search and sorts results by relevance. You can search comments, tags, categories and custom fields. [click to continue…]


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