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Have you seen some of those WordPress sites that come with beautiful pop-ups when you open them up? While I am not a fan of pop-ups, I can understand why some folks use them to promote their newsletters or products. In reality, you don’t need a program to create popups for your WordPress blog. But you’ve got to know your HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you have no idea how to write code, you should probably use a solution such as LightPop.


Let’s say you have a Aweber account, and you want to post your newsletter code to your blog as a popup. As you can see in the above picture, you can easily post your code to LightPop’s code area, and it’s automatically converted to a popup. What I like about LightPop is the fact that it allows you to make your popups less annoying. You can redefine the behavior of your popup so that it shows up only the first time someone visits your site. You can even define a certain hour each day to show your popup.

LightPop is a simple but very flexible plugin that allows you to create popups for your WordPress sites fast. If you don’t know any coding, you won’t have to sweat it with LightPop.


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WP Review Site

If you have been online for a while, you probably know how popular review sites are. People are always shopping around and comparing things before they buy. That’s why they look for review sites to find out what other people are saying about the services that they are interested in. After all, it’s easier to trust someone who has tried a service before than listening what the service provider is trying to sell you with its sales pitch.

WordPress is a great platform for creating review sites on the fly. There are literally hundreds of ranking plug-ins and add-ons that you can use to create your review blog. WP Review Site is a cool premium plug-in that makes it very easy to create sophisticated review sites on the fly (see example below).

Here is what you get with WP Review Site:

  • Enhanced Comments: with this plugin you can now add star ratings to your comments. That makes it perfect if you are selling products and want people to be able to rank your products. They can use the comment section to leave a more comprehensive review.
  • Flexibility: WP Review Site’s display is completely customizable to fit your website’s design. Ratings can be displayed with table or list based markup which makes it easy to fit them into your blog.
  • Sort Posts: you can now sort your posts based on the weighted average rating. That gives you the opportunity to show your highly rated products to your users first.
  • Widget: WP Review site is a widgetified plugin that makes it easy to add your reviews to your sidebar.
  • Convenience: you can add the ratings to any section of your site that prefer. If you don’t like to see the ratings on some categories, that is possible too.
  • Integration: there is no code for you to deal with. The plugin integrates to your WP install, and you won’t have to touch the code.

WP Review Site makes creating review sites like a piece of cake. All you need is this plug-in and most of the work will be done for you. You will have to add content but the rating part is taken care of with this script. You get lifetime updates and an affiliate link management tool to help you create you own affiliate website fast. If you are looking to start your own review business and save time in the process, you should consider signing up for WP Review Site.


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So you spend hours putting up your WordPress blog and writing content for it. You put your best effort forward and create super useful content. But you don’t get any comments. Sounds familiar? In reality, it’s not really that hard to get folks to comment on your blog. But you need to find a way to get folks engaged. Some of us are more lazy than others. We read articles but don’t like to take time to comment. In fact, a lot of folks find it pointless to leave a comment on other blogs. A lot of other folks don’t leave comments on a post that has no comments on it already.

So why are comments important? It’s simple. The more comments you get on your blog, the more confident you can be about your work. If people take time to leave comments and respond to others on your blog, it means you have done something right. The more comments you have on your blog, the more time people spend on your blog. And let’s not forget that you don’t have a community until someone has commented on your blog post.

WordPress Magnet is a simple plug-in that makes it very easy to get comments on your blog. Conceptually, it’s very similar to Digg Bribe or StumbleUpon Bribe scripts on the market. I know bribing is not looked upon as an ethical tactic in the real world, but in the world of Internet marketing it is a must do especially if your blog is young. WordPress Magnet allows you to give away all kinds of things. The more content you giveaway in return for comments, the more momentum your blog gains.

Here is how you can get more comments on your blog with WordPress Magnet:

  • Give away your paid product
  • Offer a free ebook
  • Offer a free report
  • Discount on your paid products/services
  • Coupon codes
  • Gift certificates
  • Much more…


Once your readers leave a comment on your blog, they receive an e-mail containing the link to their prize. You can define multiple prizes if you prefer, and you get a chance to write your e-mail on the back-end.

Overall, WordPress Magnet is a very simple and easy-to-use plug-in that is designed to help you bribe your readers to comment on your blog. As long as you offer something of value to your readers, there is no limit to the number of comments you can get on your blog.


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Viva Userpics Carousel

One of the best ways to get folks involved with your WordPress blog is by allowing them to opportunity to interact with you and your website. There are many ways to do that. You can allow folks to chat with you right on the side. You can allow folks to move things around on your site. Or if you are using Viva Viral UserPics, you can let folks submit their photos, art work, and so on.


Viva Viral Userpics is very easy to use. You allow your users to upload their image (as long as it is within the size limit) and upload them to your site. Now before you jump and complain about security issues, you get a chance to approve every image, so your WordPress installation is safe.


Once your users add their photos and you confirm them, their images show up on your carousel (see above image). There are many ways to use Viva Viral UserPics. You can use it to display your sponsors’ offers. You can also charge folks to add their photos if your site is very popular. But even more important than that, the interactivity that this plug-in adds to your website can get you new visitors fast.

Your take: How would you use Viva Viral UserPics on your website?


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A lot of Internet marketers have taken the concept of mass blogging to a whole new level. These guys create hundreds of blogs and write content on them to make easy money online. Think about it. If you can make $1 online from a blog, you can make $2, $4, and so on. It’s all about duplicating a process that has worked for you over the years. WP Post Blaster is a premium plug-in that makes it easy to post to multiple blogs without too much fuss.

Once you install the plug-in, you are going to have the option to select which blogs you want to post your content to. The fun thing about WP Post Blaster is the fact that you don’t have to log on to each of your blogs and post your content. You can do it all from your main blog.


Your log is going to look something like the following (if there is an error you are going to see it below):


WP Post Blaster is an incredible time-saver. But you may ask, “why would I want to post the same content to multiple blogs?” That’s a fair question. You really shouldn’t. That’s why you should use plug-ins such as Synonymizer to make your content unique per blog. Now, that’s an incredible time-saving plug-in. You don’t have to write more than one version of your post, and you can make it unique for all your blogs. If you are planning to use this “work horse” strategy to make money online, you should definitely consider WP Post Blaster.


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Running a membership site is very lucrative these days. Many top online entrepreneurs have started their own membership sites to increase their revenue and keep the cash coming in. But you don’t have to use aMember to create a membership site. Don’t get me wrong. aMember is a super membership product, but what if you want to provide premium content on your WordPress blog (kind of similar to what ESPN and other content sites do)?

MemberWing is a premium WordPress plug-in that is made for folks who want to create their own money making WordPress membership sites. MemberWing allows you to use multiple levels of subscription (silver, gold, …) and charge folks based on their level of access. It also works with payment portals such as PayPal, PayDotCom, and e-junkie.


MemberWing is also SEO-friendly which is a big plus. The plug-in allows you to promote teasers to search engines and your visitors without showing the whole content (similar to how ESPN does it). The First Click Free technology allows you to get ranked high on Google without having to expose your content without payment.

What I really liked about this plug-in was the ability to mix paid and free content. Let’s say you write an article but you want to share bits and pieces of it with the whole world. You can do so easily with this plug-in. And the speed of my blog was not really affected when I used this plug-in. Some plug-ins slow down your site, but not this one, so a big plus here.

Here is the best part. You can get the basic version of this plug-in for FREE. It’s actually not one of those free plug-ins that doesn’t come with a whole lot. The free plug-in is very capable, and it can also show you the potential if you decide to invest in the paid version.

If you spend your days creating content for others, you may as well get paid for your efforts. With MemberWing, you can create a recurring revenue for yourself and focus more on creating better content for your legion of readers (you can download MemberWing here).

Here are some of the differences between the free and paid MemberWing versions:






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You have probably heard this before: “you can create any type of site with WordPress.” Some people find that to be an exaggeration, but there is really no limit to what you can do with your WordPress software. Classipress is one of those themes that allows you to create a complete non-blog website with your WordPress software. Classipress is specifically designed to allow you to create classified WordPress sites and monetize them. Classipress 1.0 was released a while back, and it was an impressive piece of software. Classipress 2.0 has been improved dramatically to make it even easier to set up and monetize your listings site

. picture-2

As you can see above, you can easily add products to your classified sites and put them under the category that you desire. You can also allow others to add products to your website and charge them per approval. Your visitors can provide the following information and even upload their images if they wish too:

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