3 Frequently Bought Together Plugins for WooCommerce

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Plenty of webmasters are using WooCommerce to sell products online. It not only makes it easy to bring your store online but has plenty of extensions for cross-selling and upselling. Here are 3 plugins you can use to display frequency bought together products on your site:

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WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together: lets you manually assign frequently bought products or use automatic matching to display interesting items to your customers.

Yuspify Recommendation Engine: uses machine learning to increase your sales. It syncs with your database and uses events happening on your site to offer personalized recommendations.

Beeketing: a marketing automation solution for WooCommerce. It offers up-selling and cross-selling opportunities as your customers add items to their cart. It allows you to set an order value threshold to motivate your customers to spend more on your site to receive a discount.

Have you found better plugins to display frequently purchased together products in WordPress? Please share them here.

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