How to Add Ads Inside WordPress Posts

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Most publishers rely on affiliate products and ads to make money and keep their business going. Smart publishers have multiple revenue streams and experiment with their ads and affiliate offers all the time. We all know how to add ads to the top or bottom of our posts. Including ads in the middle of your posts is worth exploring too. In Post Ads for WordPress is a handy plugin that takes care of that.


The In Post Ads is pretty clever. It automates the process of adding ads inside your posts. You can choose the number of ads you would like to display, their order, and location. Users can insert ads after as many paragraphs as they desire. They can also change header and footer text for paid messages. Don’t want to show ads to logged in users? Just disable the Live mode.

in post ads

You do want to be careful not to go overboard with this approach. But this could potentially increase the amount of money your business earns from ads. Have you found better plugins to do this? Please share them here.

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