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All savvy webmasters understand the importance of adding the right features to their websites to better serve their visitors. If you run real estate, fitness, finance, or other comparable WordPress sites, you should consider adopting some of these calculator plugins:

cost calculator

Cost Calculator for WordPress: makes it easier to provide more accurate cost estimates to your customers. It can be used to add a renovation, dentist, or hosting cost estimator to your site. [click to continue…]


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Many publishers rely on ads to monetize their content. AdSense and ad networks have made it possible for many webmasters to start and grow online publishing businesses. If you are planning to show ads on your website, you don’t want to miss these advertising plugins:


WooZone: adds contextual affiliate links from Amazon to your website, increasing your Amazon affiliate revenue. [click to continue…]


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Have you ever made changes to your theme or plugins and didn’t want to overwrite them by accident? Maybe you want to keep your clients from breaking things on the sites you have set up for them. These 3 plugins let you disable theme / plugin updates and edits quickly:


Lock Your Updates Plugins/Themes Manager: this plugin lets you lock your themes and plugins from being updated. You can also keep notes on why each theme/plugin is locked. [click to continue…]


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Are you looking for a decent WordPress calendar plugin to replace the default calendar in WordPress? Maybe you have an event site and want to give your visitors an easier way to keep up with your events. Whatever the case, there is a plugin for you out there. You can use calendar plugins to share information more effectively with your visitors, add an event calender to WordPress, and even let people bookmark your events.

If you need a killer calendar on your blog, here are 15 WordPress calendar plugins you should check out:

Calendar Press: adds an event calendar to WordPress. Google Maps, directions, a RSVP system are integrated in this plugin.

CGM Event Calendar: a sophisticated calendar for WordPress that lets you add classes, events, and all kinds of information to it. Makes it easy for your visitors to print your calendar too.

Event Calendar / Scheduler: a dynamic calendar which provides Ajax-based scheduling solution similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Apple’s iCal or Google Calendar on your WordPress website. Unfortunately, not compatible with WPMU.

Dairise: OK. This is cheating as this is a theme and not a plugin. However, it’s one of the best event / calendar enhanced themes for WordPress. [click to continue…]

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