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July 5th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many webmasters start their website without a long-term plan for the future. That could always come back to bite them where it hurts down the road. Take featured images for instance. Your current theme might not use them heavily, but if you don’t define them for each post and upgrade to a magazine theme, you may have to do a bit of coding to fix your thumbnails. It is in general a good practice to require your bloggers to add a featured image to their posts, especially if you run a growing online magazine. These 3 plugins force you to set a featured image for your posts:


Require Featured Image: requires post types that you choose to have a featured image set before they can be published. It makes life easier for editors. [click to continue…]


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March 14th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Have you ever bought a magazine theme for your website only to realize that you had messed up and failed to add featured images to your posts properly. Featured image issues are not a big deal when you are dealing with just a few posts. But if you have thousands of posts with featured image issues, you will have to use scripts to fix them. These 3 plugins help you automatically set featured images for your posts and save time in the process:

easy add

Easy Add Thumbnail: automatically sets the featured image for your posts based on the first uploaded image. It works for older and new posts. [click to continue…]


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January 22nd in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many WordPress themes and scripts rely on featured images on your website to work properly. That is especially the case for magazine and business themes. Setting up featured images for your posts is very simple. WordPress already has everything you need built-in. But these 6 featured images plugins could help you do even more:

Drag & Drop Featured Image: replaces the default “set featured image” box with a drop zone for faster uploads. [click to continue…]

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