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Are you interested in gambling? Maybe you want to build a portal dedicated to everything gambling. Gambling sites are actually quite popular and have become even more popular during the recession. So there is plenty of money to be earned in this niche if you partner up with the right companies. Creating your very own gambling affiliate portal will let you promote best gambling offers on your website while helping your readers make the best decision when choosing an online gambling service. That’s where Dealer theme comes in handy. It’s a very easy to customize WordPress theme for gambling portals that lets you go live with your website fast.

Instead of investing a lot of money to have someone design a theme for you from scratch, you can easily use Dealer theme to build your gambling website quickly. The theme comes with Bonus Table, Top Sites, and Review Listings Custom Widgets to help you promote offers on your website more effectively. Making changes to the design is very easy as well as you can remove or add side-bars from the back-end and add the widgets that you deem useful for your website. [click to continue…]


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High Roller Black Theme

Thanks to the good people behind WordPress, folks like yours truly get a chance to create sophisticated sites fast and without too much cost. If you have been following WPJedi recently, you have probably seen all these themes that allow you to create all kinds of websites with WordPress fast. High Roller Black is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for poker affiliate websites. If you are an affiliate marketer, you know there is a lot of money involved in this market. As the times get tougher, people gamble more, and that means there will be more money to be earned here. There is no recession in this business. High Roller Black is a solution that helps you not only create your own affiliate website but also a poker or gambling blog, if you choose to go in that route.

High Roller Black

High Roller comes with everything you need to create your own review site about poker programs. You get a sidebar widget that includes your reviews and any other information that could help your visitors make a quick comparison. You also get a complex affiliate site backend that allows you to hide affiliate links and track clicks as well. You can also banner management and track hits as well.


The review template is good looking and highly customizable as well. You can choose among the 4 layouts that you get with High Roller Black. And top sites widget helps you make yet another pitch to your readers. You can also add your ads to this theme easily.

High Roller Black is a great theme for affiliate marketers. But you don’t have to be a marketer to get the most out of High Roller. The theme is perfect for casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook, or other gambling portals. Just make sure you know your local laws before starting your site. Other than that, you can put up your gambling WordPress website fast with High Roller.


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