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February 10th in Wordpress Plugins by .

User-driven communities have been around for a while. Allowing anonymous and registered users to contribute to your website could help you grow it faster. Here are 5 plugins you can use to accept and manage guest posts easier:


AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro
: it allows your website users to submit posts. It has a drag & drop form builder and lets you customize email, login message, and other options. [click to continue…]


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June 8th in Wordpress Plugins by .

One does not have to be an advanced SEO pro to realize the importance of writing guest posts for other websites. Guest posting has benefits for publishers too. It connects them with top bloggers and helps them build traffic and more solid relationship in their markets. Accepting guest posts on your site should not be inconvenient. It could add a bit to your workload as a webmaster. But there are tools you can take advantage of to make the process smoother. Here are 3 guest posting plugins that save you time accepting and publishing other people’s work to your site:

WordPress Guest Post Plugin: lets you easily add and approve guest posts to your website. Your visitors won’t have to register to submit their work. You get to review each entry before they are published to your site. [click to continue…]


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