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Yahoo! Answers and Linkedin Q&A are two exciting services that you can use to find the answers to your questions or help others with their needs. Those sites cover a wide array of topics. You can always create a similar type of website around your own niche using WordPress. It’s possible using both plugins and themes. There are also a few third party services that webmasters can take advantage of to implement these types of websites. Interested? Here are 8 easy ways to create your own Q&A website with WordPress:

Q&A WordPress Themes:

Perhaps the best way to start your own Q&A website. These themes can manage your questions and answers and help you build a stronger community around your website:

Askit: a slick WordPress theme for Q&A websites. It has 7 color schemes for you to choose from. Its user reputation system is pretty solid too.

Instant Q&A: perhaps the best Q&A theme on the market (at the time of this writing). It’s clean, very dynamic, and designed with your community in mind. Your visitors gain points by participating in your community, which is a nice feature to have.

Q&A Theme: a clean answers theme for WordPress. It is easy to set up and lets you build a community around your favorite topic. It lets you import questions from Yahoo! Answers.

Answers Theme: designed for dedicated Q&A websites. It has multiple color schemes and a pretty clean design. You can have your blog on the side using this theme. [click to continue…]


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WordPress is flexible enough to handle all types of websites. It’s truly a life-saver of a platform for small businesses. One of the best ways to get started with making money online is starting your own coupon website. People are constantly on the lookout for deals and bargains to save some money. With the economy still struggling to bounce back, those deals and coupon site will remain quite popular for the foreseeable future. CouponPress is a powerful coupon script that is designed to help you bring your coupon site online with minimal effort. As long as you can get your hands on those coupons and deals, CouponPress can take care of the rest.

CouponPress is quite an impressive theme and has a lot of value for coupon masters. It works great no matter how established your business is. If you already own a coupon website and just want to use this theme to give your website a make-over, you can use the import feature to get your website loaded and ready to go quickly. It lets you add coupon stores to your website too. Just like a professional coupon site, this script can take care of your expired coupons for you automatically.

CouponPress’ front-end is very impressive, but I am even more impressed with its back-end. You can define how coupons are displayed, which stores are shown, and even charge merchants for displaying their coupons on your website (some top coupon sites actually monetize their websites with this approach). [click to continue…]

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These days there are a lot of people who are looking for jobs. If you are a blogger or a portal owner, you can help out your visitors by letting them connect with those who are hiring. Adding a job board to your website can be valuable for you as well (building a stronger relationship with your visitors and make money).

There are two ways to start a job board with WordPress. You can use a plugin or a theme. Plugins do work great if you want to have a job board next to your website (perhaps on the same domain). Job themes can offer that and more. They can be used to create niche job sites (on existing or new domains). The choice comes down to your situation. With that said, here are 10 ways to start a job site with WordPress.

Job Board Themes for WordPress

Job board WordPress themes let your visitors add new jobs, find out about the latest Job listings, and even apply for jobs. Here are 5 powerful themes that can handle these tasks.

Job Board Theme: the best job board theme on the market (at the time of this writing). Has plenty of color schemes. Paypal is integrated into the theme as well, making it easier to start a paid job board with WordPress.

Jobpress: a classic job board WordPress theme that is colorful, well-designed, and can handle small to medium-size job sites. It’s easy to customize too.

DirectoryPress: a wonderful theme to start a job directory with using WordPress. Your directory can be a free or paid one depending on your business model. [click to continue…]


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